How To Choose The Right Shampoo For Dogs?

How To Choose The Right Shampoo For Dogs?

Choosing The Right Shampoo For Your Dog

Dogs are playful animal and they love to stay busy! Unfortunately, this regularly leads to dirty floors, sofas and most of all, a dirty coat! One way to prevent such situation is bathing. Choosing the right shampoo for your four-legged friend is the key. There are many dog shampoos in the market nowadays and it is difficult to pick the right shampoo due to the different nature of dog skin types.

Ingredients In The Dog Shampoo

choose-right-shampoo-2 Picking the right shampoo can make your dog’s coat shine, and in addition soothe your dog's skin. Also, getting a shampoo that is not appropriate for your dog can make your dog’s skin itchy and cause irritation. Some dog shampoos have ingredients like sodium bicarbonate, lavender oil, zinc, vitamin E, rosemary extract, shea butter and even artificial fragrances. Although most of them are suitable for dogs in general, it is better to look into your breed to see precisely what is normally prescribed or advised. As a rule, you need to have a high vitamin content that help reduce the risk of skin problems. The pH value of a shampoo is also very important for ideal medical advantages.

Skin Type Of Your Dog

choose-right-shampoo-4 There are shampoos for dry or sensitive skin! If your pet has flaky, itchy or dry skin, a moisturising shampoo can be a wise option. Also, ensure you consult your veterinarian to decide the root cause of your dog's skin condition first. Search for products that contain relieving ingredients like vitamin E, aloe vera, honey or cereal. Dry skin can likewise imply that your dog has a sensitive skin. Therefore, try to keep away from scented products as fragrance can be the source of further irritation. In case you are not sure, pick a fragrance free product. For dogs that are especially itchy, ask your veterinarian to provide a shampoo with hydrocortisone - that will be a great choice. In cases where your dog has an unpleasant odor, ordinary shampoo cannot remove such odor. You may consider a deodorant shampoo. These shampoos act to eliminate the source of the horrid odor instead of concealing it, and this shampoo can be an excellent choice in stinky situations.

Coat Type of Your Dogs

choose-right-shampoo-3 If you have a dog with white or light coloured coats, you may want to consider shampoos particularly intended for your dog colour. These shampoos contain brighteners and whitener including other ingredients that intend to improve the natural shine of your dog’s coats while reducing yellowing and fading.

Special Needs Dog Shampoo

choose-right-shampoo-2 Also, if you have an issue with flea and tick, some dog shampoos have ingredients intended to kill or repel ticks, fleas and other parasites.  The active ingredients in these shampoos offer short-term protection and only deal with pests in contact, not those that live in your pet's environment. Because of these reasons, fleas and ticks shampoos should be used with other flea products, not only as your defense against fleas and ticks. Check your pet shampoo and flea prevention tags as it will tell you if they will wash off flea and ticks topical treatments. There are also shampoos for dogs with occasional allergies or specific skin needs. Generally, these hypoallergenic shampoos have practically zero impact on the flea treatments that your pet can be using. Keep in mind to do a little research to find the right product for your dog! It can go a long way to help your dog maintain a healthy skin layer and coat!

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