How To Build Trust With A Stray Cat

How To Build Trust With A Stray Cat

How To Build Trust With A Stray Cat

Lend a helping hand and you can make a difference. Saving one animal won't change the world but it will change the world for that one animal – have you heard this before? However, approaching a stray cat can be tricky and even dangerous. Catching a stray cat usually takes more time than is needed to catch a dog. Most cats are naturally scared of strangers and tend to run or escape quickly if they are approached by strangers. Thus, you should earn trust of the stray cat before lending a helping hand to her and taking her to the vet.

Ways To Gain The Trust

how-to-build-trust-a-stray-cat 1.Understand Body Language Understanding feline body language is key. If you misread a cat’s signals, it can lead to a potential bite. Always observe the body language of a stray cat before approaching or feeding her. If she is stressed or not comfortable, she may show behaviours such as running away, hiding and freezing in place. Aggressive behaviour is one of the signals when she is afraid and ways to show her aggression includes spitting, hissing, growling, swatting, biting, scratching, puffing fur and tail, arching back, swishing tail and flattening ears. To deal with a frightened or aggressive stray cat, you should avoid eye contacts and also keep your distance from her. Place her food and stay away from the scene. You may keep an eye from a distance. Knowing when she is stressed, when she is beginning to feel more comfortable, and when you can approach is very important for a safe rescue. It takes time to approach a stray cat. If you approach her too soon, you might never be able to catch her. 2.Talk To Her According to iHeartCats, talking to the cat without approaching her is important. Talk to her calmly and quietly. While she is eating, you can sit or stand at a distance from her and talk to her in a soft, calm voice. As she realizes that you are not a threat, she will get more comfortable with you. 3.Use Food Food is your friend. The best way to gain a cat’s trust is to give her food. Get the cat access to food and water in as safe of an environment as possible. When you are first feeding the cat, place the food on the ground and walk away from it. It's the first step to getting her to trust you. If she is hungry, she will tentatively come forward and eat. To get the cat to trust you completely, start by watching she eats while you stand away at a distance, and move closer and closer until she will eat the food out of your hand. 4.Be Patient

The process of building trust takes a long time. Patience will prevent both you and the cat from getting injured. Rushing the process is going to generate more fear for the cat, potentially scare her into a more dangerous area, and put you at risk for being attacked.

Signs A Stray Cat Trusts You

is-microchipping-pets-compulsory-malaysia Never try to force the relationship as it will develop over time. According to PetHelpful, a cat working to trust you may eventually come and rub your legs or sit near you but just out of reach. If she comes to you, try gently scratching her head or neck. Eventually she may allow you to pet or even pick her up.

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