How Often Should You Groom Your Dog

How Often Should You Groom Your Dog

How Often Should You Groom Your Dog

It is the responsibility of the dog owner's to make sure that their dogs are clean, healthy, and happy. This can be achieved by regularly grooming your dog so that the lustre on its coat is restored. Besides this, you can also remove any mites, dirt, or any other irritants, which are dangerous, to the dog's skin. Of course, if the owner does not have time, he can contact those in the dog grooming business to do the job.

Factors Determining Frequency

groom-dog There are different suggestions about when and how often a dog should be groomed. The reason for this is that there are some individual factors to consider. These factors include the dog breed, the physical activity it undertakes each day and the environment in which the dog lives. Some people believe that a dog should have shampoo weekly, while others think that every two weeks is enough. However, this frequency will differ from one breed of dog to another. Several dogs love to get dirty and so you need to wash often. If they are indoor dogs then they should be washed often. If dogs are left unclean it may lead to illness in the dog and its owner. Various dogs of certain breeds have coats that are usually oilier than that of others. Such dogs are more prone to odours that are very unpleasant. They also seem dirty and less attractive to play with. So they should be bath frequently. Another significant factor to consider is the length of the dog's hair. The longer the hair, the more often the baths should be. However, one thing to remember is that you should not bathe the dog more frequently as it can have a negative effect on the dog's skin. The dog's skin will become drier and this can cause itching and irritation to your dog. And if your dog has a sensitive skin, you do not have to bathe the dog too often because this can irritate the skin more. Dog shampoo, in many cases, can leave residue if not rinsed properly which can irritate the skin if left for several days at a time. If your dog has allergies or dry skin, this can only get worse. The natural oil will moisten the dog's skin over time so bathing your dog on a less frequent basis will allow for less dry coat and irritation. If you must bath your dog, you may need to consider a moisturizing shampoo, possibly an oatmeal shampoo that will not dry the dog's skin.

Benefits & Importance

Grooming improves your dog general health: Grooming your dogs improves its general health. It can help your dog to be in the best mentally and physically condition. Grooming also improves the cleanliness of your dog. This is a great benefit for both dogs and the dog owners. If your dog is clean, then your house will be very clean. There is nothing worse than touching your dog's belly only to get a dirty film on your hands. Equally, the cleaner your dog is the best he or she will feel in terms of contentment. It also removes the odour associated with dogs. This point applies to both the dog and your home. We all know there is nothing worse than walking into a house and having your senses felt with the pungent smell of a stale dog, but with regular grooming, you do not have to worry about that as it will reduce the smell.
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