How often should you feed your dog

How often should you feed your dog

By Ghaydaa Samaan


How often should you feed your dog?

This is a quite common question and every dog owner is looking for the answer to help organize the pup’s routines such as sleep, activity, play and metabolism. 

Read till you get how to find your ideal answer. 

How much should I feed my dog calculator? 

You are the one who can identify how much food suits your dog, no one knows your dog better than you. We are just here to guide you on how to find out the perfect answer because actually there’s no firm standard to how frequently all dogs should be fed, but two times per day is generally a good point to start. 

Will you feel guilty for decreasing his food? Well, dogs don’t realize their best healthy diets, some of them have a predatory appetite which drives them to eat anything provided at any time even though their stomachs are full, they will keep devouring as long as they find any type of food. On the other hand, there is also the opposite type of dogs who have a bad appetite that drives them to eat once per day or even two days. 

Your dog needs a varied diet which should include both wet food and dry food.

Read on to regular good doggy feeding.

What time of day should I feed my dog? 

Generally, one meal in the morning to activate the dog and one meal at night to help him  comfortably sleep. You need to specify some dependencies to lead you to the suitable amount of food that your dog’s tummy needs. Means in this part, we have to consider several factors to know how and when to punctually meet your dog’s nutritional needs and health care requirements:

1- Breed:

Breed is an important consideration to decide how often to feed your dog. Dogs have different dietary needs. Surely large breed dogs need more daily feeding than other small breed dogs. For example, the Vizale and the Terrier can be fed three times a day (every 6-8 hours) since they are active and burning more calories. While the Mastiff and Greyhound can be fed once or twice per day. 

2- Age:

Can I feed my dog 3 times a day? 

Age is another must to consider factor. We know puppies need greatly varying food from adults and senior dogs’ needs. 

For instance, your weaned puppy needs to substantially be fed because he is still growing and he has a small stomach with special nutritional needs. So you will feed him three or four times per day, which means fill his bowl every six hours. Check here for your puppy’s ideal food. 

For your adult dog, you can feed him twice per day, once in the morning and once in the evening. 

For your senior dog the same as the adult dog (twice per day) would be good enough for him. 

You will need to consider trying Absolute Holistic Air Dried Lamb and Salmon which contains  93% meat & organs & 7% super premium produce & supplements. It’s formulated for dogs of all breeds and ages.

3- Weight:

Does your dog need to lose weight?

In fact, up to 60% of dogs are overweight and this is caused by overfeeding which can also cause obesity. You have to make your dog feel content with a small portion meal. A dog should lose every week about 1% of his weight. 

Does your dog need to gain weight? 

In order to fatten your dog you will need to feed him small portions of food every six hours so it would be 4 times per day. 

4- Health conditions:

Many dogs are suffering from various health problems which makes them need a special regular diet recommended by veterinarians. So if your dog has health trouble, you will need your veterinarian's guidance to get the proper and sufficient food for your dog according to his health condition. 

5- Activity levels:

If your dog has turned inactive recently, this is a serious situation because inactivity can promptly lead to weight gain and even less activity which is not good for his health. You should feed him reduced calorie} food and excess his exercises and walks. 

Activity is essential for a dog’s fitness and mental and physical health. You can not feed your active dog immediately before or after exercising, this might cause digestive problems and vomiting. You can offer him food one hour before or after exercising. Also a morning or a night small meal would be good for them. 

About your new adopted dog, he might normally feel strange and nervous to eat because he is in a new place with new people, so you will try to add food for him 3 times per day, one in the morning, then the afternoon and then the evening, but sometimes when he totally refuses to eat you will trickishly take the food away after 20 minutes from offering it, in order to drive him to try eating. Try our recommended natural taste explosion for your dog which allows you to make any dry feed into a fresh.

You probably please your dog with some treats, but as we try to reduce sweets for our kids, we should do so for our four-legged family member. 

So you should also keep in mind to lower high calories snacks and treats, let’s say your dog should not consume treats which contain more than 10% of the daily calories and you can give him one cookie at night to prevent hunger and in the morning as an appetizer. 

don’t forget to leave fresh and clean water every day. 

Can I feed my dog once a day at night? 

Feed dog once a day:

The highly recommended doggie feeding is daily three or four times for puppies, daily 3 times for older and daily twice for adults and seniors. 

As in humans, the stomach will empty within hours after filling with food because food will be digested, dogs also have the same functional stomach which will send signals to the brain stimulating a hunger response. This is why feeding your dog twice a day at least is the best option. 

Face it, would you feel filling your stomach once a day is enough for you? 

The feeling of hunger is so troublesome, makes you feel like your stomach is eating itself, this is also how dogs feel. This might develop aggressive behavior. So why not switch to feed your dog smaller and more frequent meals! 

If you already made your decision ‘based on proper reasons’ to feed your dog one meal a day which should be sufficiently rich with the nutritional needs, so you have to get your veterinarian advice to make sure that would be appropriate for your dog then go for it. 

My dog only eats one a day!

If you fail to make your dog eat more than once a day, so it’s ok unless that impacts his health, you can’t ignore this. You should keep an eye on his changes in energy levels, weight loss, sleep times and behavior. And usually keep in touch with your veterinarian to check on him. If everything is ok then you can keep going with his desired eating habit but it’s important to make sure that his one and only meal is rich with all nutritional needs and protein because lack of them will badly affect his health.

You can try to give him some appetizers.

In the end, your dog would like to convince you that you can feed him as much as possible but it’s especially important to schedule a dog feeding diet to keep him healthy and his metabolism stable and help in digestion. dogs can slowly adapt their appetites according to the schedule you follow for them because dogs are simply creatures of habit. 

So the emblem of the game is always “Everything In Moderation”. 

Hope you can now get a handle on your dog’s hunger and feeding schedule.

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