How often should you feed your cat in a day

How often should you feed your cat in a day

By Ghaydaa Samaan

Most of us have 3 meals per day, do you think the same for cats is the ideal answer? Well, cats are different from humans even though different from each other. Do you think all cats can have the same nutritional needs? Cats’ eating habits are widely various based on several factors. Let’s clarify more to get the answers. 

Here is your cat feed guide:



There’s no steady rule for measuring the proper amount that cats in general need. We need to go through several factors to realize how much should our cats eat. 

The most important factor to consider when thinking about this answer is the calories count in the food you feed your cat whether it’s dry food or wet food type, it’s recommended to daily feed a cat 20-30 calories per pound of the body weight. 

Another important factor is the cat’s weight: the normal average of a cat’s weight is 8 to 10 pounds. Your overweight cat will need to limit her feeding amount and should be fed fewer calories and lower fat content. While your underweight cat needs to fatten her up by giving her a higher calorie food and higher fat content which contains between 22% to 28% fat. 

Remember: both extra weight and weight loss can develop serious problems on feline health, so don’t neglect your cat’s health, try to establish a healthy regimen for your feline friend till hit and maintain the normal body weight. 


Certainly kitties need more food to support their growing muscles and body, they require up to 35% protein and 12%-24% fat. While healthy adults require less than kitties, 35%-45% protein and 270 to 320 calories a day will be good enough for them. Senior cats have a slower metabolism and they might be inactive so they will need more digestible food and lower calorie foods. 

Your cat will be satisfied with Fussie Cat Black Label premium Tuna which is rich in DHA, low fat and grain-free for all life stages. You would like to also try our rich recommended Leonardo Adult GF Salmon for your adult fish lover. 

In addition, we need to consider whether your cat is pregnant or nursing mother if so she will need higher amounts of calories and protein because her babies acquire their nutrition from her. And we can’t skip the brands and the kinds of food you feed your cat. It’s imperative to make sure that the food is healthy, complete and balanced. 

If you are still not sure which brand to use for your cat, you will be pleased to start shopping from our recommended products. It’s also important to take the vet’s advice and recommendations.



This means you leave the food available for her all day. This is not a recommended feeding way unless you are too busy out of home, other than that, you should gradually establish a regular feeding routine to observe your cat’s eating habits and to be sure that she’s getting her sufficient food. 

Feeding time can be an important way to bond with your cat, try to set up a breakfast party with your cat or a cheerful dinner since sharing your mealtime with your feline friend will strengthen bonds. 

As a pet owner, you ought to take care of your cat and carry the responsibility for determining how much food to feed your cat and establishing regular feeding times which will keep your cat healthy and active, moreover will enable her body to easily digest and absorb the nutrients. 



You might be worried about whether you feed your cat too little food or too much. Nevertheless, don’t let your cat be the one who determines how much food to eat, you should do so, because you want the best for her health. Take a look at the food caloric content which is listed on the label of the product, in order to realize how to control your cat’s food portions. Well, typically a 3-ounce cat food can contain 125 calories and a cup of dry food contains 300 calories. Depending on these counts, a healthy normally weighted cat would require 4 cups of dry food a day Or daily two 3-ounce cans. 


Most of us feel tired after waking up because we basically need food to boost our energy, this is also what cats go through. So consider feeding your cat a tasty breakfast in the morning and a healthy dinner at night. Most cat owners feed their cats once in the morning and once in the evening. 

But the frequency of meals highly depends on the cat’s age, for example, kitties need 3 meals per day at least and they require more food per pound. On the other hand, adult cats can be fed twice per day which preferably would be once in the morning to activate them and once at night before sleeping, the same feeding regimen would be good for seniors or you can divide their 2 meals into three to four small meals since their inactivity case and boring drive them to feel overly hungry. Take care that the provided food is portion controlled. 


You can leave the small dry food portion for her at night since dry food doesn’t spoil as quickly as wet food does. Though there is a limit with dry food, make sure to provide fresh food and if you noticed that she didn’t eat it so you have to throw it out then try to refill his bowl with the recommended Fussie Cat Market Fresh Chicken & Turkey Recipe Dry Food which will appeal to his tummy. The last thing to say is, shielding your puss friend from extra weight and obesity is way easier than forcing an obese cat to diet and costing you of veterinary visits.

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