German Shepard Dogs: Everything you need to know

German Shepard Dogs: Everything you need to know

Oy Vey!

This handsome looking fellow makes for one of the most popular dogs in America. Their innate sense of protection and loyalty to their family is just one characteristic that makes this guy everyone's special favourite. But how well do you know German Shepard dogs? Here are five facts that you should know about these great beauties, and some might even surprise you!

A Movie star

Have you ever heard about Rin Tin Tin? He's a German Shepherd Dog nicknamed as Rinty who was rescued by an American Soldier (called Duncan) from World War I. Duncan introduced Rinty to the film industry and soon German Shepherd gained popularity as a family pet! According to the American Kennel Club in 2013, this dog breed is in the second position after Labrador Retrievers as the most popular breed in the United States! [caption id="attachment_2687" align="aligncenter" width="239"]Rin Tin Tin german shepherd dog Rin Tin Tin in 1930[/caption]

Multiple colours

Usually seen as a general mix of black and brown, German Shepards actually come in ELEVEN colours! They are: bi-colours, black and brown, solid black, solid white, black and cream, black and red, black and silver, blue, gray, liver and sable. Awesome, no? [caption id="attachment_2686" align="aligncenter" width="325"]white german shepherd dog An adorable white German Shepherd[/caption]

A German Shepard's Daily Food Intake

It is generally recommended to feed a German Shepherd three to four cups of high quality dry food, separated into two straight meals. However, to each its own - Every dog comes with different dietary requirements, so be warned. If your German Shepherd is on the active side, you can indulge him in more grain-based food. Otherwise, try not to overfeed them as excessive weight gain can cause joint and weight problems. [caption id="attachment_2690" align="aligncenter" width="351"]German Shepherd Dog drink water Don't forget to drink up, boy![/caption]

Energy Level - Exercise. Exercise. Exercise

German Shepherd Dogs usually have exceedingly high energy levels. Therefore, they will need to be exposed to a constant slew of activities and exercises. If they get bored, they would succumb to chewing and barking - They're just like humans, expressing their frustrations by howling and whining about their day. Why do you think German Shepards are the forefront of assisting the police force with their various duties such as drug detection, searching for lost people, and general protection. These little buggers even have their own title: K-9! [caption id="attachment_2689" align="aligncenter" width="353"]US Navy K-9 US Navy K-9! Hup![/caption]

Separation Anxiety Syndrome

German Shepherd dogs, akin to every other dog, are an affectionate and a loyal breed. Hence, they too succumb to Separation Anxiety Syndrome, pining for their human companions when being left alone at home. They will start to bark aggressively, chew and bite furniture, and even hurt themselves when they try to escape. This bad behaviour can be eliminated by regular training and positive encouragement. No fret! [caption id="attachment_2688" align="aligncenter" width="389"]german shepherd puppy 9 month old Fritzi, a nine-month old German Shepherd puppy[/caption] What do you love about German Shepard dogs?  
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