Does True Hypoallergenic Treats Really Exist?

Does True Hypoallergenic Treats Really Exist?

Hypoallergenic Dog Treats

The hassle of hypoallergenic dog treats

Finding a good treat for my dog that has quite a number of allergies is not easy. It pains me when my pup is asking for a treat but I can't give it to her because of her sensitive skin. It makes me sad too whenever I see her monotonous diets every day but I can't help it. This is why I was so happy when I came across these hypoallergenic treats on google. At first what I knew of it was just that those meats were good for my furkid. However, after browsing further, I finally understood what novel protein diets really meant.

The truth of hypoallergenic dog treats

Based on Dog Food Advisor, hypoallergenic dog food usually has one of these three basic dietary designs, limited ingredient diets, prescription/veterinary diets, or novel ingredient diets. Limited ingredient treats mean that the treats contain lesser components (or even only have a single ingredient). This is very helpful to the paw-rents to recognize which nutrient the dog is allergic to. Meanwhile, prescription or veterinary dog diets are treats with hypoallergenic ingredients, intentionally put inside by veterinarians. The one that is usually being linked to a hypoallergenic treat is the third design, novel ingredient diets. They usually consist of nutrients that the dog might be unfamiliar with because they have never been exposed to it before. As what we are aware of, our pooches need to have a break from the usual food they have always been eating. As cited from Healthy Pets, they will give our dog's immune system a break from its battle against foreign invaders by providing a transition to a different and unfamiliar ingredient of food. Introducing a new protein diet can be the first step for a food allergy elimination trial, or usually known as a hypoallergenic diet. However, as every dog has different preferences and reaction to certain meats, a true hypoallergenic treat doesn't really exist. Take venison as an instance. I always feed my dog a chicken and rice-based food for the last 6 years (yes, she is quite a senior dog now), and now I slowly introduce her to a venison-based food. My friend's pup doesn't really like the venison, but luckily, it turns out well on her!!

Hypoallergenic Treats

Below are 5 hypoallergenic treats that my pup really loves (and probably you can give it a try)!

Zeal - Venison Liver

[caption id="attachment_3460" align="aligncenter" width="234"]Zeal Venison Liver Zeal Venison Liver[/caption] Recommended Retail Price: $16.90 Perromart Price $13.80 Size: 125 g Ingredient: 100% Venison Liver Made in New Zealand, ZEAL treats are 100% natural, has no vaccines, preservatives, hormones, steroids, antibiotics, colouring and flavouring. This is a very good type of single-ingredient treat as it contains 100% Venison Liver and suitable for all life stages! With its biteable size, low fat, and high protein content, this zeal treat is a perfect reward while training our pooch! (Psst... Donna couldn't stop eating that to be honest!!) Typical analysis: • Protein 65.7g / 100g •  Fat SBR 10.5g / 100g •  Moisture 14.5g / 100g •  Ash 9.3g / 100g  

Primal treats - Turkey Liver

[caption id="attachment_3459" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Primal Treats Turkey Liver Munchies Primal Treats Turkey Liver Munchies[/caption] Recommended Retail Price: $16.90 Perromart Price $12.00 Size: 56g Ingredient: Turkey Liver Made in the USA, the Primal Pet Foods treat line was created for dogs and cats with the goal of providing wholesome, human-grade snacks containing no preservatives, gluten or grain. All Primal Treats are produced using USDA meats, poultry and game raised in the United States or New Zealand without antibiotics or added hormones. With single source proteins, it is definitely a healthy choice for all pets, especially those with food allergies. This is the second treat that I gave to Donna (my doggo) while training her and now I greatly recommend this!  

Absolute Bites - Duck Breast

[caption id="attachment_3458" align="aligncenter" width="234"]Absolute Bites Air-dried Duck Breast Absolute Bites Air-dried Duck Breast[/caption] Recommended Retail Price: $15.90 Perromart Price $12.00 Size: 114g Ingredient: 100% Duck Breast This treat is made from the USA and it is 100% Natural, without any antibiotics or added hormones! Made with air-dried process, the duck breast is cooked at high temperature. The meat will sit until the water has dissipated. It is a more recommended diet than kibbles and excellent for dogs with cancer because of the lack of carbs. I haven't tried giving this to Donna, as it was a recommendation from my friend. Her dog has even more allergies than Donna and only ate pork-based food last time. But now it seems like she has a new favourite!

Trufood CocoChia Bakes - Salmon, Coconut Oil & Spinach

[caption id="attachment_3457" align="aligncenter" width="234"]WELLNESS TRUFOOD COCOCHIA BAKES IN SALMON, COCONUT OIL AND SPINACH TREATS Wellness Trufood CocoChia Bakes in Salmon, Coconut Oil, and Spinach[/caption] Recommended Retail Price: $10.50 Perromart Price $8.40 Size: 142g Ingredient: Chickpeas, Peas, Salmon, Tapioca, Dried Parsley, Flaxseed, Turkey Liver, Coconut Oil, Chia Seeds, Dried Spinach, Turkey Hearts, Chicken Fat, Natural Flavor, Dried Turmeric, Mixed Tocopherols added to preserve freshness, Dried Enterococcus thermophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus bulgaricus Fermentation Product, Rosemary Extract, Green Tea Extract, Spearmint Extract. This superfood snack is made of tasty, healthy Living Nutrition™ like salmon, protein-rich turkey hearts and livers and bright-tasting spinach and parsley. Additionally, it contains coconut oil and chia seeds that can support skin, coat and joint health. Even though there is a chicken fat in the ingredients, it is safe for pups that are allergic to chicken (e.g. my doggo)! According to Dr. Sara from Spring Veterinary Vet, chicken fat and other animal fat are end products of a rendering process. Theoretically, proteins are not soluble in fat. In the absence of the protein component of chicken, it is often not of concern. However, if you have further concerns regarding whether the product is suitable for your pup, do discuss it with your vet before offering it to your pup.

Pooch & Mutt - Calm & Relaxed

[caption id="attachment_3456" align="aligncenter" width="200"]pooch & mutt - Calm and Relaxed Pooch & Mutt - Calm and Relaxed[/caption] Recommended Retail Price: $9.00 Perromart Price $8.00 Size: 125g Ingredient: Rice, Rye, Oats, Lamb, Oils & Fats, Yeast Extract, Chamomile, L-tryptophan, Valerian Root, Rosemary Extract. Calm & Relaxed dog treats are natural, ethical, low-calorie, hand-baked mini-bones that dogs love. They include lamb, chamomile, and l-tryptophan. Chamomile was traditionally used in ancient Greece, Egypt and beyond to aid relaxation. L-tryptophan is essential to form serotonin, the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter. Give these treats to your dog before stressful situations such as visits to the vets, car journeys, fireworks, competitions, separation or just as a nice bedtime treat. Even though some dogs are allergic to grain, but grain is actually very good for very active dogs! Sometimes I gave Donna homecooked food too (rice and minced meat), so she has no problem with this treat!
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