Do Dogs Need Supplements?

Do Dogs Need Supplements?

Do Dogs Need Supplements or Vitamins?

Pet owners looking to boost their dogs health may research using dog supplements or multi-vitamins made for dogs. Just like humans, dogs sometimes need a little extra boost to meet their nutritional needs. Dog supplements may come in liquid form, a powder, as a treat or as a capsule. They are meant to meet a specific nutritional or health need and can be easily added to dog food. There are multivitamins for general needs and more specific dog supplements for joints, digestion or other health issues. dog-need-supplements-2

Dogs Who Are Shedding Excessively

A dog supplement containing fatty acids or omega 3 fish oils can help with dogs that shed excessively. The fatty acids reduce dry skin and bring a healthy shine back to the dogs coat. When the coat and skin are healthy, itching and shedding are less likely. Fatty acids can aid in digestive issues as well.

Overweight or Obese Dogs

Age can cause dogs to be less active and become prone to unhealthy weight gain. Dog supplements can help kick in the metabolism and help your pet shed some pounds if it is overweight. Just like in humans, dogs who are overweight can have heart and respiratory issues if not treated. A vitamin alone cannot fix obesity in dogs. Adding a dog supplement while working into a good exercise routine can help manage an overweight dogs health.

Joints and Arthritis

Joint pain and arthritis are common issues for some dog breeds. Adding a dog supplement early in life can help promote healthy joints and bones. It can help deter arthritis from setting in and debilitating your dog. Dog breeds that are susceptible to hip dysplasia or other weakened joint issues can benefit from having a dog supplement.

Digestive and Bowel Irritation

Some dogs suffer from irritable bowels or gastrointestinal inflammations that dog supplements can help manage. Dietary changes can upset a pet's stomach and bowel movements. When giving dog supplements to pets with these issues you should monitor carefully all nutritional intake to rule out allergies. Using a pet supplement can soothe stomach and gastrointestinal issues.

Allergies and Low Immunity

Dog supplements can help relieve symptoms of allergies. It can help to reduce redness and irritation of the skin. It's not a fix all but does offer relief in most cases. They can also boost immunity levels for dogs that are prone to illness Having a healthy dog starts with providing it with a nutritious daily diet. If you're experiencing other issues that have you wondering if a supplement can help your pet you can consult with a petcare professional or your veterinarian. Be aware that dog supplements are healthy yet if given too frequently or too much of can have adverse reactions. Keep track of what you're feeding your pet and keep in communication with your vet to meet your dogs needs. Dog supplements are a good thing when used properly and in moderation. Never give your dog vitamins or supplements that are made for human consumption.
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