Do Cats Get Lonely Or Bored

Do Cats Get Lonely Or Bored

Are cats aloof loners? The stereotype that cats are aloof loners has been around for years. While many people think of cats are loners, the truth is that cats form close bond with their humans and enjoy human companionship too. People routinely mislabel cats are solitary as well so they never make an attempt to provide companionship for the cat no matter how lonely that the cat may be, according to the cat behaviourist, Pam Johnson-Bennett. On the other hand, the director of Animal Behavior Services at Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital, Dr. Carlo Siracusa says that cats will get lonely if they don't have the possibility to share proximity, spaces and time with their preferred buddies. So, like all animals, cats thrive on love and company - they love human companionship if they feel comfortable. But how to show our cats love that they can understand? Kissing, hugging or prolonged petting? Umm..No. Avoid interaction with cats in human terms as many of them find these behaviours rude and unacceptable. We should understand that cats want to share affection in a "feline" fashion - they want a few strokes only. However, it doesn't mean that we can leave our cats for a long time. The Cat Analyst, Rita Reimers says that long absences of owners can result behaviour issues in cats such as using your bed for a litter box. Keep in mind that a lonely cat can become depressed and suffer from various health problems if she is left alone with no mental or physical stimulation for prolonged periods - it's very important to keep your cat entertained and happy! do-cats-get-lonely-bored

How Can You Tell If Your Cat Is Lonely

Your feline friends may be independent, but they still crave companionship. Cats are susceptible to loneliness or boredom. Take note of the following behaviours which can indicate your cat’s unhappiness:

1.Excessive grooming:  Over-grooming behaviour in cats can be caused by stress and anxiety. This could be a sign that they are yearning for attention.

2.Excessive meowing: Is your cat suddenly more chatty than usual? It can be a sign of loneliness. Lonely cats tend to be most vocal when their humans return home or at night when their humans are going to sleep.

3.Overeating or not eating: Just like humans, some cats will eat more when they are bored or lonely. Loss of appetite is another strong way to tell if your cat is lonely.

4.Coughing up hairballs because of the over-grooming: Excessive grooming that causes excessive numbers of hairballs or hair loss is abnormal.

5.A decrease in activity and interaction: Is your cat sleeping too much? It can be a sign of loneliness if your feline friend begins to sleep more than usual or would rather sleep than engage in playtime with you.

6.Destructive behaviours: Peeing outside the litter box or destroying your furniture? A bored cat can exhibit destructive and antisocial behaviours.



What Can You Do If Your Cat is Lonely

Fortunately, it’s not too late to start playing a vital role in your feline friend’s life. Here are some tips to make your cat less lonely.

1.Keep your cat occupied: Keep your cat overload happy with scratching posts! Make sure your cat has plenty of toys to stay busy and distracted when you are away. Read more: How To Choose The Right Toy For Your Pet

2.Get her a purrfect friend: According to Dr. Stefanie Schwartz, a leading veterinary behaviorist and author, owning two cats will provide a happier living environment for both the cats and their owner. They can keep each other company when you are away. Read more: Is It Better To Own More Than One Cat

3.Put on the television or play music: Sounds and sights are comforting and distracting for cats as long as the volume is at a reasonable level.

4.Play or talk with her before leaving home: Play a game with her before leaving. She will be tired and less anxious that your are leaving if she exerts a lot of energy early in the day. You can spend quality time to talk with her - it’s a great way to show her that you love her. Read more: Games To Play With Your Cat

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