Coronavirus: Fun Things to Do with Your Pet While Self-Quarantined

Coronavirus: Fun Things to Do with Your Pet While Self-Quarantined


Effective by 18 March, Malaysia officially implemented the movement control order (MCO) measure. The partial lockdown, announced on 16 March, requires people to remain at home until 31 March, unless they are buying or delivering necessities, seeking health care or performing official duties.

Since we have to stay at home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, our dogs and cats are likely to get less exercise than usual, but there are still lots of fun things we can do inside the home with our furry friends. 


1.Search & sniff

Hide pet treats around your house to set your pooch off on a tail wagging adventure! Firstly, teach your dog the “search and sniff” game by tossing the food his way and saying “find it”. Once your dog has mastered that, hide the pet treats in another room. To set up the game, be sure your dog is out of sight. Gather some great-smelling pet treats that he loves. He will put his nose to work to find the hidden treats. You can determine how easy or difficult you want the treasure hunt game to be depending on where you decide to hide the treats. Be sure the place is safe for your dog to access and not likely to become damaged.

Recommended Treats: Barkery Oven / Natural Balance


2.Teach new tricks

Anytime is a good time to teach your dog new trick! Now is the perfect opportunity to work on basic commands or teaching fun tricks, for example, balancing a pet treat on the nose or rolling over. Challenging your furry friend helps keeps him stimulated, and training can burn off a lot of the excess energy from being cooped up.

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3.Play tug-of-war

Tug-of-war is another fun indoor game, and you only need a small open space to play a game of tug-of-war indoors with your dog! Allow several feet of open space around the play area and be sure there are no breakable or dangerous stuffs.

Recommended Toys: JW Pet Dog Gnaw It Teether / JW Pet Invincible Chains Rubber Dog Toy


4.Indoor fetch

Who says fetch is only an outdoor game? Before you play fetch indoors, here are few things to consider. How big is your pet? Do you have breakable or dangerous items around? Is your floor slippery or carpeted?

If you have a large open space in your house, consider making it a play area. A place with a rug that won’t slide or a carpeted area is preferable. Be sure your dog has enough traction and won’t be crashing into walls or any of your furniture. You should try throwing the ball gently and only a short distance at first in order to see how it goes before you try going all-out. Indoor fetch is generally perfect for small breeds.

Recommended Toy: KONG Air Squeaker Tennis Ball for Dog


5.Interactive games and toys

Interactive pet toys can provide hours of entertainment for your dog or cat. Interactive toys are great for sharpening your pet's mind while also rewarding him. These interactive pet toys usually involve hidden pet treats in an object, and your dog or cat needs to figure out how the toy works to get to the treats.

Products like JD Nature IQ Eating Sport and KONG Wobbler For Dog Toy can be stuffed with pet food or treats. Your pet must explore the toy to find the treats.


6.Online shopping

Right now is the perfect time for you to order groceries online! Buy pet foods, pet treats and other pet supplies online so you limit visits to the pet shop! Visit PerroMart today!


7.Do some basic grooming

Staying at home is the perfect opportunity to pamper your dog or cat. Your pet’s coat and paws can likely benefit from a warm bath complete with these best pet shampoos and conditioners. Depending on your pet’s preferences, you can pick and choose from a range of pet spa treatments, including a head-to-toe brushing session, a relaxing massage, and nail clipping.


Lists of pet grooming tools you need:


Grooming Steps Things to Take Note Recommended Products for Dogs Recommended Products for Cats
  • It's a great idea to wash your pet before grooming him.
  • Use a gentle shampoo that's designed for pets.
  • If you notice any matted hair in your pet’s coat, try to remove them with a coat conditioner.

1.Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Pet Conditioner


2.JD Nature Care Natural Dog Shampoo Raw Neem with Rosemary


3.Natural Dog Spruce Up Pup Organic Shampoo Bar 6oz

1.Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Pet Shampoo


2.Biogroom Purrfect White Cat Shampoo


3.Earthbath 2-in-1 Conditioning Cat Shampoo

  • Brushing is important to remove loose fur and dirt from your pet’s coat.
  • A high-quality pet brush or comb is a must.
  • Metal-pinned brushes are a good choice for pets with long coats.
  • If your pet has short coat, a brush with rubber teeth can work well. 

1.#1 All System Wooden Massage Pet Brush


2.#1 All System Oblong Pin Pet Brush

1.#1 All System Metal Pet Comb


2.JW Pet Grooming Pin Brush For Pets

Cleaning pet's ears
  • Use only specially designed pet ear cleaners. 
  • Your pet’s ears should never smell, and a bad odour could be a sign of an ear infection.
  • Pets with long ears and dropped ears require special attention when cleaning their ears.

1.Reliq Advanced Ear Solution for Pets


2.Biogroom Ear-Care For Pet

1.Pet Horizon EARrific For Pets


2.Accurate Ear Oil Cleanser For Cat & Dog

Cutting a pet's nails
  • Choose a high-quality and reliable pair of clippers. Pet clippers are safer and easier to use than clippers made for humans. 
  • A pet’s toenails consist of the nail itself which surrounds the quick, the pink part inside which supplies blood to the nail. Be very careful that you do not cut into the quick as it will bleed quite a lot and hurt your pet.
1.JW Pet Grooming Deluxe Nail Trimmer For Dogs

1.JW Pet Company Deluxe Cat Nail Trimmer


2.JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Nail Clipper




8.Have an at-home pet photography session

It’s time to whip out the camera and snap some super-cute home pet photos! Make the experience fun for your pet and never put him in situations where he is uncomfortable. Be sure to take your photography in short bursts so your furry friend doesn’t get bored. You can also get your dog or cat dressed in adorable outfits and snapping cute portraits of her.


9.Smash those fitness goals

Although fitness and recreation centers are closed during MCO, you can get creative in and out of your home on ways to exercise. Man's best friend may also be man's best workout buddy! You can invite your pooch to your yoga mat, and your bond will hit a new level. Read this article to find out more about Doga!

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