Cat-Proof Your Home With 8 Easy Tips

Cat-Proof Your Home With 8 Easy Tips

Cat-Proof Your Home With 8 Easy Tips

Before you bring your new cat home, it's so important to spend some time cat-proofing to ensure your home is safe for your cat. Whether your new pet is a kitten or an adult cat, a cat-proof home is a cat-safe home. Here are some tips when cat-proofing your home.


Many indoor plants can prove poisonous to your cats. A partial list of these plants includes: amaryllis, azaleas, chrysanthemum, dаffоdіlѕ, lilies, hibiscus,  Sago palm and tulip. You can divert your cat’s attraction to houseplants by offering a pot of cat grass she can nibble on.


Don’t leave food lying around. Felines have been known to get into all kinds of surprising foods! Make sure poisonous foods such as chocolates and onions are stored in somewhere your cat can't access. Note that food wrappers such as aluminium foils can be swallowed by your cat too. If you have a trash-tipper cat, get a can with a secure lid.  There could be some dangerous stuffs in your rubbish bin, including sharp-edged cans, grocery bags any number of other hazards.

Small Household Items

Felines are playful animals. They love to paw around and play with anything they can find on the ground.  Be mindful of these items that can cause problems for your cat - she may try to chew and even swallow the small little things! Ensure all power and electric cords are out of reach to your cat. They can be quite attractive to chew on. Keep all ribbons, ties, elastic bands and sewing supplies out of reach. In addition, never allow your kitten to play with toothpicks. Keep your toothpicks safely in a drawer.


Ensure the toilet seat is down at all times. This is because your kitten may get drowned after jumping into the toilet.

Balconies And Windows

One of the biggest dangers for felines living in high-rise homes is that they can fall from a balcony or open window. Make sure your windows are closed at all times. Alternatively, you can install cat-proof window screens to prevent your cat escaping or falling from a height.


Cats love to scratch! If you don't want to live with scratched up wall and furniture, go out and get a scratching post for your cat. Prepare an approve place for her to scratch is a great way to protect your furniture and to keep her entertained.

Cupboards And Drawers

Keep cupboard and drawers closed at all times. Your cat may jump in and either be trapped or injured when somebody closes the door or the drawer. Ensure your washing machine is closed at all times as well.

Stock Up On Her Favourite Toys

The busier your cat is, the less likely she will get in trouble. Your cat loves to play, so invest in some toys she can play with when you are not around.
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