Can Cats Eat Rice

Can Cats Eat Rice

Can Cats Eat Rice

Have you ever wondered if your cat can eat rice? Rice is a popular, healthy and cheap food option among many Asian countries. It is cheap to grow, easy to transfer and store. People from all over the world consume rice in numerous form. Since it's so favoured by humans, can our pets eat rice too?

Is Rice Healthy For Cats

is-rice-dangerous-cat Keep in mind that some foods that are safe for us can be toxic to our pets. The good news is that rice is not among the dangerous foods and plants which can be life-threatening to your cat. In general, rice is safe for your feline friend to consume as long as it is well-prepared and it's not fed as main course day in and day out. When your cat is sick, your veterinarian may recommend your cat to stick to a plain diet to regulate her digestion until she has fully recovered. Most of the time, rice and chicken can be found in these healthy diet plans. According to The Merck Veterinary Manual, rice can help to cure a feline's upset stomach. It is easy to digest and gentle on stomach. VetInfo suggests boiled chicken with rice is a bland meal that cats can do well with. Read more: Is It Dangerous For Cats To Eat Dog Food

Is Feeding Rice To Cats A Good Idea

can-cats-eat-rice Rice is perfectly fine for cats to eat - that's why it is one of the common ingredients in cat foods. However, felines have no nutritional requirement for grains of any sort, according to Feline Nutrition Foundation. Unlike dogs, cats are obligate carnivores and their main diet must consist of meat. Your cat's organism isn't designated to digest grain crops and rice has a bad reputation as a filler product in processed cat foods. Most importantly, too much rice on very frequent basis can lead to health problems such as nutritional deficiencies and digestive problems. In other words, feeding rice to your feline friend poses too many threats to her health compared to the one benefit of curing an upset stomach. Read more: Should Your Pet Go Grain Free

How Should I Serve Rice To My Cat

reasons-clingy-demanding-cat Now that you know the advantage and disadvantages of feeding rice to your cat, it's time to ask the fundamental question - should you give your cat rice? The answer goes back to the fact that our feline friends are obligate carnivores. You can feed rice to your cat, but be sure she is also getting the proper nutrition. Note that uncooked rice is bad for cat digestion and it can lead to health issues including stomach pain and bloating. In moderation, cooked rice will not help or harm your cat. If you plan to give rice as a treat occasionally, be sure to serve cooked and plain rice, without adding any salt or other seasonings. If you are serving homemade cat food to your feline friend, make sure at least 50 percent of your ingredients come from meat products such as lamb or chicken.
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