Breed Introduction: Shiba Inu

Breed Introduction: Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu Dog

Shiba Inu is an interesting breed of dog with a growing popularity in the United States. Originally from Japan, Shiba is a small to medium sized dog that has a very outstanding appearance. They have a reddish brown color with a furry coat,  pointed faces and erected ears. Another distinctive feature of the Shiba is its bushy, curly tails that curl up towards its backs and around it. Some people confuse them with foxes but they are not exactly the same. Shiba Inus are the Spitz Family of dogs, which include American Eskimo, Chow Chow, Finnish Spitz, Pomeranian, Samoyed and Siberian Husky. They are the smallest of the native breeds of Japanese dogs, which include the Akita. Shiba Inus are similar in size to Beagles, although they usually have a thicker structure, weighing between twenty and thirty pounds.

Shiba Inu Origin

shiba-inu-breed-introduction-3 Originated from Japan, Shibas are among the most loved breed in Japan. One of the reasons they are special among others breeds is that it is the smallest and the oldest. It is not surprising that Japan has more Shiba Inu than any other country in the world, including both domesticated and stray. The story has it that Shiba's ancestors went with their human group called the pattern people of Jomonjin, to a deserted island of Japan in 7000 BC. Another group of immigrants who arrived in the 3rd century BC brought their own dogs and breed them to have curly tails. The modern Shiba Inus has some ancestral marks on them, due to the fact that during World War II, the dog was used as race dogs and was reserved on the island. As such, many places that were bombed on the Japanese islands also killed many of the breeds, and those who survived the bomb later died in the swamp from what can be imagined to be a traumatic shock. This left very few of them abandoned. A breeding program was created to prevent generation extinction. Shiba Inu was first brought to the US in the year 1954 by a couple of armed men who returned from duty in the Pacific and the first Shiba Inu litter in America was born in 1979, with about 4 puppies. By the year 1992, the American Kettle Club recognized the breed.

Shiba Inu Characteristics

shiba-inu-breed-introduction-2 They are very free in nature and can be reserved for visitors. However, the dog is friendly and faithful to those who earn his respect. At some point, they may show aggression towards other dogs. They are light and fast in their work. With the proper training, you will have no problem taking them for a walk. They understand their pace and coordinate smoothly with the way you walk. They have dual coated with the outer layer being rigid and straight and the undercoat thick and soft. Their hair is short and it guards hair when standing off the body is about 2 inches in length at the withers. The shoulder blade and upper arm are fairly angulated and are (almost) equal in length. The elbows are close to the body and do not rotate either in or out. The front legs and feet are fairly spaced, straight and parallel. They have a totally curly tail that makes them very cute - looks like a little bun tied behind the back!They have a thick body skin. By caressing their body with your hand, it feels like you are touching thick velvet.
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