Breed Introduction: Husky

Breed Introduction: Husky

Husky is a general name for several breeds of dogs that are commonly used as sled dogs in places like New Zealand, Alaska and different parts of the United States of America. Adapted as a sled dog in the northern regions of the world, their popularity as domestic pets has increased recently. Husky is presently a prominent feature in many dog lover homes around the world. Most popular breeds are the Siberian Husky, Tamaskan Husky, Alaska Husky, McKenzie Rive Husky and Sakhalin Husky.

Origin of Husky

breed-intro-husky-1 Originated with the Chukchi natives of Siberia, who kept the dog as a landrace dog that later becomes the present thoroughbred of Siberian husky. Huskies are very useful for Chukchi natives who have used them to herd reindeer, heave the sleds and keep the kids warm during the night. The Siberian husky are working dogs breeds which are capable of performing heavy workload in extreme conditions. They are also pleasant dog breeds. Legend has it that William Goosak a fur dealer brought the Siberia husky to America in the year 1909. He loves the Siberian dog breeds because of their energy and speed. He registers the dog in the Alaska Sweepstakes race and won third place. This attracts people attention to these breeds. And Siberia husky became well known to people in Alaska. During the epidemic of Diphtheria stroke in Nome, Alaska this dog work as medical team helper to Nome natives given medicine to people and became one of the life savers in the Nome. This event makes Huskies the most admired and give the breed’s national recognition, which lead to the established of Siberian Husky Club in America around 1938.

Characteristics of Husky

breed-intro-husky-3 Huskies are very energetic, sociable and lively kind of dog breeds that love kids and other dogs. They love to run in large areas such as in open-air areas. They are very active and like to play. It is best to ensure their safety by providing long fences in your backyard. Some other characteristics associated with husky are as follows: They frequently run long distances on very little food and burning a lot of calories without ever tapping into their energy stores—doing this by regulating their metabolism. They come in different color from black to pure white and everything else, including sable, red, and agouti copper. They can have a mixture of marking and striking patterns not familiar with other breeds. Huskies are blessed with a thick fur. Its double fur is average in length and very effective in protecting them; it keeps them cool in hot summer months and also maintains their warm temperature during cold winter months. Their faces behold a friendly expression with a well-furred, erected and triangular shape ears and their noses range in color from liver, black, and even a flesh-color. Their eyes are usually almond shaped and fairly spaced; the eyes can vary in color, with both eyes, not necessarily the same color. For example, two blue eyes, two brown eyes, or even one eye with both brown and blue on it.
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