Breed Introduction: Golden Retriever

Breed Introduction: Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Dog Breed

Golden retrievers are great dogs for inexperienced people, families with little children and active individuals. They are intelligent, loving, loyal, kind, active, social and great therapeutical or assisting dogs.


breed-introduction-golden-retriever-2 Golden Retrievers are originated in the Scottish mountains. They were bred by hunters in the 19th century and used for retrieving birds, even from the water. Today, they are one of the most popular breeds. They are suitable for both  families and work. The man, responsible for creating this breed, was Lord Tweedmouth. He lived north from the Scottish border in the 19th century. He was a very passionate hunter and he had a goal to create a dog crazy about water and retrieving. Some of the offsprings of his dogs came to America together with his sons in the 1900, but they were only recognised as a breed in the 1927.


breed-introduction-golden-retriever-3 Golden Retrievers are strong and athletic looking dogs. That’s not surprising since they were made to carry heavy prey on the land as well as in the water. Their fur is thick and comes in different shades of gold. Their hair is also waterproof and doesn’t let water come to the skin. It’s not hard to take care of it - just brush it regularly. They weigh between 27 and 37 kilograms and are between 51 and 61 centimeters tall. Owners have to make sure they don’t gain too much weight since this breed loves food. Excess weight can cause serious health problems. Their head is wide and the muzzle is straight and fairly long. As mentioned, they are kind and sociable - great life companions for just about anyone! They are calm but active. If you provide them with regular exercise, they will feel good living inside and outside. They love spending quality time with their family so make sure you dedicate enough of time to them. Since they are usually very quiet, they will not annoy your neighbours. Loyalty and devotion to the owner are the qualities that are most appreciated about this breed. They are relatively healthy. Unfortunately, hip dysplasia is common among all the bigger breeds and golden retrievers are no exception. Golden retrievers make perfect pets and companions for just about anyone - families, old people, athletes! Satisfy their needs and they will be your most loyal friend.

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