Breed Introduction: German Shepherd Dogs

Breed Introduction: German Shepherd Dogs

Breed Introduction: The German Shepherd Dogs

Origin & Selection

breed-introduction-german-shepherd-4 The German Shepherd or Alsatian dog is a relatively modern breed, dating back from 1899. As the name suggests, he has his origins in Germany and was raised as a herding dog. Nowadays, the breed is called the police dog. Because of his intelligence, obedience and protective temperament, the dog is used by police forces around the world. Although he is still used as a very effective working dog, the shepherd is also a wonderful popular family pet. The breed is one of the most intelligent dogs and its excellence and versatility in performing all kinds of activities have secured its eternal position in the hall of fame when it comes to policing duties, search and rescue, military functions such as sniffing bombs and even sight-seeing dogs for blind or visually impaired. Throughout the nineteenth century in Germany, the communities will choose and breed dogs with desirable qualities such as obedience and intelligence to help in the job of herding and protecting sheep. The consequence was excellent sheep dogs but vary from one community to another in appearance and ability. The Phylax Society was formed in 1891 with the aimed to standardize the dog breeds in Germany. Unluckily, because of disagreements about the ideal qualities of the breed, or what is now call "artistic differences", the society lasted only three years. Though, the Phylax society was influential in promoting the idea of standardized dog breed. As a result, Max von Stephanitz, who believes dogs should be bred in order to get excellent working animals, found a dog that lived up to its ideal level. He immediately bought the dog, named Horand von Grafrath and founded the German Shepherd Society. Later, Max von Stephanitz was credited with creating German shepherd dogs have excellent watchdog ability and are usually concerned about strangers and other dogs. The German shepherd is a very intelligent animal that thrives on having an active part of the family. The breed can be cautious of outsiders, which makes it a good guard dog, but once the shepherd became a friend of yours, you will have a friend for life. Moreover, despite their unjust representation, the breed makes a wonderful family pet because it connects very quickly with children. As with any dog, it is happy to share your home with other animals if trained properly. Early socialization is a must if the dog will be around other animals. As far as weather tolerance is concerned these dogs adapt quite well to reasonable cold, as well as moderate temperature, although extremes in both directions don’t down well.

German Shepherd's Characteristic

breed-introduction-german-shepherd-2 This dog breed boasts an athletic build and upright ears on the top of the head with a pointed snout that enhances the alert appearance of the dog. The coat colour may vary and includes the following: Black and Black, Tan and Sable. German Shepherd Dog is an amazingly loyal animal; which can make a wonderful family pet. Easy to train and joy to be around, there is a good reason that this breed is regularly ranked among the most popular in the UK and the US.
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