Breed Introduction: Boxer

Breed Introduction: Boxer

Dog Breed Introduction: Boxer

The funny thing is that no matter where you are from, you will definitely know how a boxer looks! Boxer dog is a breed that has a wonderful history. Overtime, boxers are used as a companion, a guard dog, and even a working dog, which makes them quite a well-rounded breed. A boxer dog is a very muscular dog with a clean and hard build. Boxer breed dog is very alert, energetic, strong, and agile.

Boxer Origin

boxer-breed-introduction-3 Originated from Germany, its early ancestor is believed to be a mastiff type dog - the big Molossian dog. Then, this dog evolved into what is known as the Bullenbeisser. The Bullenbeiszer’s roots belong to Belgium, and their ancestors were known to be great hunting and working dogs. These dogs eventually evolved into different species, with the smaller ones called the Brabanter Bullenbeizer. After mixing with a precursor of the English bulldog, the dog became what it is now, commonly referred to as the boxer breed. The origin and history of the boxer's dog becomes well documented at that point when dog breeds clubs were formed in Germany in the 1860s. Originally, the boxer breed was white. However, by the year 1925, white was no longer accepted as an appropriate color for the breed. In fact, the color of choice at present is fawn and brindle. Any dogs with more than a third of its coat white will be excluded in AKC events. This breed came to the United States around the early 1900s but did not become a popular breed until the 1940s. The dog was first recorded by the American Kennel Club in 1904 and the foremost Boxer Champion was recognized in 1915. By the year 1949 the famous Boxer's dog, Bang Away, won the Best in Show at Westminster and went on to win 121 Best in Shows over the course of Six Years.

Boxer Characteristics

boxer-breed-introduction-2 1. Boxers are intelligent. They respond well to obedience training and can easily understand non-verbal cues. Dog owners consider boxer dogs a great family pet because they seem to know when to stay calm and when to ask for play. 2. Boxers are good watchdogs. Even though they are of good character and generally friendly, they can be a bit cautious during encounters with strangers. So they may bark a bit and even show some teeth if they feel their family is threatened. 3. They are faithful to their owners. Once your dog has identified himself to belong to a family or a pack, it will do almost anything to protect and love them. 4. Boxer dogs blend well with humans and other pets, particularly if they are raised together. It may be a little strange for a dog of their size to have intimidating characteristics, but believe it, boxers are one of the few breeds who appreciates friendship and companionship.
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