Best Dog Collars

Best Dog Collars

It’s almost a no-brainer that a collar is a must when getting a dog. Although collars can make your dogs look a tad stylish, that is not the sole purpose of a collar. A collar serves as a handy place to put your dog’s license and tags, which may be required around your area. Having these things on your dogs’ collar will also make it easier to bring your pooches back to you should they ever go missing. Apart from that, collars act as somewhat of a handle to restrain your furbabies from getting into trouble and makes it easier to put on leashes when it is time for walkies. Clearly, collars are in fact very important and not having one probably isn’t the best idea. We understand that getting a good collar is no easy task. There are things like quality, size, breed and so much more to consider, and as always, we got you covered! We did our homework on looking for the perfect collar for your furry friend to take the load off your shoulders.


Here in Malaysia, there are plenty of different dog collars you can choose from, varying in size, brand, material, design and so on. Some of the most popular brands here in Malaysia include Adaptil, Aqua Coolkeeper, Hartz, Ibiyaya, Tulip and ZeeDog. These brands are unique in their own ways. For instance, Adaptil, a brand from the United Kingdom, is widely known for its Calm On-the-go Collar. This particular collar is 5-star rated and clinically proven to calm your dogs when they are outdoors, frightful and even boarding. This could help to bring you and your dogs closer as approaching them becomes much easier. Don’t fret, there are local brands available as well! Give Rott Valley a try. They produce the best full grain leather collars at premium quality from Perak! They promise satisfaction for both puppy and hooman. The leather and solid brass in a fully stitched design makes the collar very durable and handcrafted to ensure beauty, quality and comfort. You can get your own #1 Dog Collar in Malaysia at

Dog collars can be found in most pet stores here in Malaysia. You can even shop for your dogs online. Other than our typical online shopping platforms like Lazada and Shopee, there are also online pet stores, offering items meant specifically for pets; Petsmore Malaysia,, Waggymeal and of course, Perromart, just to name a few. Prices can range between RM50++ to RM90 or more, depending on the collar itself.

Collars range in size, shape, material, brand, design and so on. Picking the right collar is not as easy as just grabbing the cutest one. Frankly, almost any collar would work just fine for your dogs. However, there are a few things to consider, as mentioned before. First off, size. How big is your dog? Dog sizes vary according to their breed and age from as small as a Shih Tzu to as big as a Rottweiler. When we say “size” here, we do not just mean the overall size of your dog. We are talking about the size of their necks. For a dog like an English bulldog with a thick and strong neck, you will definitely need a big collar. Their necks are also short and are pretty close to their bodies, so be sure to get a collar that isn’t too wide or it may be irritating for your dog to wear.

Also, take your dogs’ fur into consideration before purchasing a collar. A Labrador’s dense and sometimes long fur could get stuck in fancy collars. Make sure the collar is of a breathable material as the thick fur already builds up quite a bit of heat.

Or did you just get a puppy? In that case get a small collar. Some owners even opt to start off with cat collars. However, if you wish to just stick to one collar, even when your puppy is all grown up, an adjustable collar could do the trick. Please be aware that it is not always easy to get such collars. Handmade collars like the ones at Rott Valley could also be of use in this scenario as multiple holes will be punched into the collar for size variation.

What material is best? Both leather and nylon work as terrific materials for dog collars in terms of durability. Nylon though, is lighter than leather and is far easier to maintain as it handles water well. Leather, on the other hand, may deteriorate and break easily when it comes into contact with water. Leather would seem like a tempting chew toy for dogs, particularly puppies, making it all the harder to maintain.   

Speaking of puppies, new furkids often need training and collars help straighten out the training process, especially if you choose to take up the role yourself. If you’re wondering “Aren’t those painful?”, then you will be happy to know that there are many kinds of training collars. Over the years, these collars have evolved into non-shock devices that help you train your cheeky pup into an absolute angel without inflicting even the slightest bit of pain. Such collars include WOLFWILL’s training collar that trains dogs by vibration only. This collar works best for deaf dogs and small dogs, but may not be equally effective for bigger and more aggressive dogs. The Nest 9 Dog Bark Collar is another training collar that works by vibration and tone sensitivity to free you of your dogs’ excessive, unnecessary barking. This collar works even on large dogs and can be recharged. Both these collars are available on Amazon.

Wearing a collar may not be enforced everywhere, but that does not make it any less important. Take note of the little tips above when you browse through a pet store to help you find the perfect one for your dog. Get a necklace or keychain to match your furball’s tag so you can both be stylish together.

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