5 Ways to Keep Pets Warm this Rainy Season

5 Ways to Keep Pets Warm this Rainy Season

With the New Year comes the rainy season, bringing with it a lot of rain and cool weather. While the cooler temperatures mean you and your pet can go on more outdoor excursions, the puddles, wet grass, stagnant water, and some flooding can also increase your pet’s risk to skin infections and other health issues. You will also need to exert more effort in cleaning up your pet after spending time outdoors before letting him into your home. Here are helpful tips to keep your pet healthy and happy during the rainy season:


1. Indoor activities

cat indoor tunnel toy

When rain is falling in torrents and it’s very cold outside, your pet will surely thank you for providing opportunities for mental and physical stimulation. And how can you achieve this? By playing with your pet and using interactive toys like KONG Air Squeaker Tennis Ball for Dog or to perk his interest and keep him up and about.


2. Extra Grooming care

The increased moisture in the air can increase your pet’s risk of developing skin infections caused by fungi and bacteria. If your pet doesn’t like to wear shoes/boots during walks, be sure to clean his paws with warm water and wipe them dry thoroughly afterward.

Ear infections also tend to be high during the wet period because there is increased moisture in the ears. Keep your pet’s ears dry after every outdoor excursion and after a bath. Use a mild ear cleaner like Pet Horizon EARrific to remove any dirt and debris in the ear canal and prevent the buildup of earwax. Dogs with long, floppy ears have a higher risk of ear infections. A hoodie can also help protect your pet’s ears.

High atmospheric moisture can also make your pet’s hair coat damp, further increasing the risk of fungal infection. Be sure to keep your pet’s hair coat dry by using a towel after each outdoor excursion. Wiping your pet’s fur and applying anti-fungal powder on your pet’s paws can help protect against any problem caused by fungi or bacteria. For pets with thick hair coats, you may need to use a blow dryer to dry up the hair pretty quickly and keep your pet warm. To keep his hair coat clean, shiny, and smelling fresh, use a waterless shampoo that is specially formulated for pets, such as Biogroom Waterless Bath.


3. Protective gear

dog hoodie

With potential risks brought about by frequent downpours, extra precautions should be observed when going on outdoor excursions with your dog. The best way to control your pet and set boundaries during walks is to use a leash. A dog on a leash can easily be pulled back before he strays too far and can be prevented from jumping or drinking in puddles of water.

Pets can develop hypothermia when exposed to cold weather conditions. It also recommended that you invest in appropriate rain gear such as shoes/boots to protect your pet’s sensitive paws and raincoat for you and your pet. A sweater or a hoodie can do wonders in keeping your pet warm and comfortable.  Using a paw cleaner product can help keep the paws clean and sanitized even without using soap and water.


4. Diet and water

Unfavorable weather means there will be lesser long walks and outdoor activities. Adjustments to your pet’s food intake may be necessary during the season because your pet engages in less physical activity. To promote proper digestion and regular elimination, add more fiber to your pet’s diet. To prevent your pet from piling on the pounds, a high-fiber pet food like FRESH'ria Premium Puppy Dog Dry Food or Kit Cat Purr Puree Tuna & Fiber Cat Treat gives a feeling of fullness while consuming fewer calories. It may also be necessary to give small, frequent meals to your pet because they are easy to digest and keeps energy levels stable. You should consult your veterinarian before making any changes to your pet’s diet.

Even if the weather is damp and cold, your pet should have easy access to fresh clean water 24/7.


5. Beds

cat bed

A comfortable bed will keep your pet warm and happy during the cold rainy days of the monsoon. Senior pets and those suffering from arthritis tend to suffer more aches and pains in this weather. Sleeping on the floor or cold surface can aggravate the inflamed joints. There are different types of dog beds and cat beds that are available. Some have special features such as added insulation or come with electric pet bed warmers. Keep your pet’s bed smelling clean and fresh with mild-scented odor eliminators like Reliq Odor Eliminator that contain natural ingredients.

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