5 Ways To Entertain Your Bored Dog While You’re Out

5 Ways To Entertain Your Bored Dog While You’re Out


Do you often come home to a wrecked carpet or a chewed up slipper? That’s probably a sign that you’ve got a bored dog on your hands. While we can’t always be home with our pups, there are a couple of ways to keep them occupied while we are out. Here are some you can try out.


1. Work for Food

If your pup is motivated by food, a great way to keep them occupied is by making them work for their snack. There are various ways to do this, such as stuffing a kong with treats, using a food dispenser for kibbles, or even hiding some treats around the house. If you do try out the treat hunt, It’s a good idea to test it under your supervision first to ensure the treats are hidden in safe spaces. 

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2. Doggy Day Care

For dogs who enjoy socialising and going out, doggy day care might be the perfect option. There are many benefits to sending your dog to a day care centre: happiness from playing with other dogs, exercise when they are brought out on walks, and discipline under the care of professionally-trained handlers.


3. Chews

Dogs who know how to entertain themselves would enjoy a good chew while you are out. There are many types of chews on the market, from balls and ropes to sticks and bones, these toys are great time-consumers if they take your dog’s fancy. It might just take some time to find the right one. Read more: Rawhide Is Dangerous For Your Dog

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4. Training Sessions

Active dogs not only need to shake off their energy, but channel it productively. Energy that is not let out the right way becomes destructive. Training sessions are a great example of a productive energy-releaser. Not only does it engage your dog physically, it also stimulates their mind as they learn useful skills. 


5. A New Environment

If you know people who love dogs and wouldn’t mind watching over yours, why not bring your pup over to a friend’s place for the day? A new environment is likely to incite curiosity and would stimulate your dog’s senses as they sniff up the place. Do make sure that it is someone you trust and whom your dog has met before. While all these options are great boredom-breakers, at the end of the day, the person your pup wants to spend time with is you; so don’t forget to reward them with the quality time they’ve waited the whole day for.


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