5 Things Malaysian Pet Owners Need to Know During MCO

5 Things Malaysian Pet Owners Need to Know During MCO

 The rise in Covid-19 cases over the last weeks makes it hard for one to leave their house. With speculations of another Movement Control Order (MCO) brewing, it is only going to get harder. While we are told to stay indoors, it is not just human lives that are affected. It is also affecting our pets. Think about it, your dog can’t sneak a nap on your bed now that you’re always home! Your cat can’t get into the catnip now either. Aside from getting into trouble, pets’ check-ups, play-dates, grooming appointments and more will be impacted as well. Overall health and emotional well-being of your pet could be greatly altered. To keep your pet in tip-top shape and your mind at perfect ease, here are some tips to help you through this trying time.

  • Emergencies
  • An emergency could happen at any time with no warning whatsoever. Whether it is a cut on the leg, a drastic change in appetite or even bloody discharge, knowing where to go for help is important. Especially for inexperienced owners. Keep a list of veterinary clinics in your area along with their contacts so you can contact them if you need to. This way, you save precious time in looking for a clinic to treat your pet. Remember, in times of emergencies, every second is vital to save your pet. By keeping a list, you also avoid being in states of stress and chaos for yourself which could easily lead to you overlooking things like money, your fur baby’s appointment card or even your face mask.

  • Hygiene
  • Bathe your pet. This is all the more crucial if you’ve been outside. Your fluff balls can carry germs and viruses in their fur and even in their mouths when they lick things. Although there is very limited information on whether the Corona virus can be carried in fur and skin, other germs can make you and the people around you sick, increasing your vulnerability to the virus. Just like how you would not touch your human child after work before a shower, do not touch your pet either. Have someone restrain or distract your pet when you come home so you can shower and get into a clean change of clothes. Be sure to use shampoos, toothbrushes and toothpastes that has been given the ‘OK’ by your vet.

  • Know what to stock up
  • In times like these, it is important to stock up on the essentials. Medicines for your ill pets is a must as you could easily run out at the most ungodly hours of the day. For those with pets in good health, play it safe and keep some general medicines like fever medicine and diarrhoea medicine for your pet. Food! Ill or not, your pet will always need food. Make sure you always have enough of the right food for your pet so they never have to go hungry. Avoid giving them human food for full meals as it may not have the proper nutrients your little one needs. Other essential items like anti-tick/flea shampoo and

    grooming materials should also be kept as you will not be able to take your pet to the groomer. Although it is best to be prepared for the worst, do not hoard! There are other pet-parents that need such items as well, so always be considerate.

  • Groom your pet
  • Grooming does not necessarily have to be fabulous lion cuts and coloured fur. Basic grooming for your pets is important. Removing dead feathers off your bird keeps it light so flying is easier. Trimming down your furbaby’s nails is also important as long nails makes it hard and possibly even painful for them to move about. Long nails can also be a hazard to you and your family as you could be scratched during playtime. Keeping fur from growing too long avoids dirt and pests from collecting in your pet’s fur. Ungroomed fur will easily get matted and removing said matts can be painful for your furry friend.

  • Love!
  • Your pets don’t understand why you’re always home. To them, it’s playtime all the time. Try to find time to play fetch with your doggo in the house or snuggle up to your kitty. Seeing you all the time and not spending any of it with you will deprive your pet of love and attention that it needs. So put on Hotel For Dogs or Pets and enjoy some downtime with your best friend.

    We hope this list helps you during these times. As hard as it is for us to adjust to the new norms, the gentle purring against your legs as you work or tippy taps of paws can somehow brighten things a little. Our affection and attention make their day just as much as their awoos and ribbits make ours. Stay safe!


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