5 Pet Taxis and Transport Services 2020

5 Pet Taxis and Transport Services 2020

As much as you love your pets, sometimes work or school can get in the way of taking them to their vet or grooming appointments. For many, the option of getting an appointment that matches their own schedule isn’t as easy as it may sound, not to mention putting off such things could be verg hazardous for pets. The solution? Have pet taxi and transport services in Malaysia get your pets to where they need to be.

  • Furbabies Zoom Zoom

The service is owned and operated by Gaeia whose loving nature towards pets is praised by happy clients. Pets quickly take to the likes of Gaeia and this did not go unnoticed by her customers. Furbabies transports reptiles dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs and others in a well air-conditioned SUV within Kuala Lumpur. Dogs will have to have a collar on them and will be provided a dog seat belt. For smaller animals, a cage or pet crate can be provided upon request. Gaeia  transports up to 3 pets a time with prices ranging from RM25 per trip. Pets anywhere between 1kg to 40 kg in size are accepted. Gaeia’s qualifications include her knowledge of handling animals with gentleness and also recognising subtle signs of a problem. Aside from transportation services, Furbabies also offers pet sitting, pet day care and pet boarding.

  • Mary’s Pet Taxi

Mary’s Pet Taxi services are available within Subang Jaya for various animals including ferrets, dogs, birds and rabbits. Mary’s car can fit a cage big enough to fit a fairly large animal but she also provides hammocks and safety straps for her  passengers. Dog carriers and crates are also available. Prices start from RM30 per trip. Mary’s responsibility and professionalism won her customers’ over and got her 2 repeated customers. Mary also provides dog-walking services. For further enquiries, contact Mary at  

  • Pet Taxi Malaysia- Judah Transport

Judah Transport is a national appointment-based pet taxi service company that transports both dogs and cats. To ensure the safety of the other furry passengers, Pet Taxi Malaysia does not accept pets with health concerns like rabies. However, they 

do accept emergency cases if they do not have bookings during the requested time. If your pet is facing health emergencies like diarrhoea, kindly put a pet diaper on the little one to maintain the hygiene of the vehicle for the safety of future passengers. For a one-way trip, prices start from RM70 onwards. Contact 011-1579 8936 for more information.Cat Taxi

  • Cat Taxi

Its based in Kuala Lumpur and transports only cats. Felines between 1kg to 10kg will be accepted with a maximum of 5 cats and 2 people at a time. Customers left reviews praising Cat Taxi services for being loving and approachable to even the most timid purr-balls.

  • On & Off The Leash @ Bandar Utama

The service is offered by Jiayee, who is experienced in training pets in obedience and agility. Pets up to 40kg can be transported with dog seat belts and leashes available. Prices starts from RM30. On & Off The Leash is based in Bandar Utama.

Having a busy schedule this week? Well then keep these pet taxis in mind and have your little angels chauffeured in style. Speaking of style, spritz on some Reliq Botanical Mist cologne on your furkids and have them smelling as wonderful as they make you feel!

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