5 Most Loved Puppy Breeds

5 Most Loved Puppy Breeds

Dogs around the world has captured our hearts. And each breed, be it yours or not, definitely has touched upon a soft spot of yours. According to a recent survey conducted by internet polls, we bring you - The top 5 most adorable puppies that have been ranked the cutest pooches in the world.

1. Pug Puppy

5 most loved puppies pug

Oh come on, who doesn't love pugs? Their mushed-up faces (due to pugs suffering from brachycephaly). They are the best, with those "about-to-pop-out" eyes and their big wide mouth that looks like a perpetual smile. C'mon man, you gotta love pugs. They're like fat loaves of bread. Unsurprisingly, these fat boys have gotten pretty popular, spreading their influence on print, phone cases, wallets, shirts, mugs, posters, table mat, and even plates! Pugs make the world go round, no doubt about it. What about you? What's your favourite dog? *chants silently* pug. pug. pug. pug.

2. Alaskan Klee Kai Puppy

5 most loved puppies alaskan

cr: Kobi the Alaskan Klee Kai

The Alaskan Klee Kai has been dubbed the "miniature husky" by the dog-loving world. I personally follow a particular miniature husky, Kobi, on Instagram because all the photos are not only well-taken but heart-wrenchingly adorable/ And obviously Kobi is such a joy to see with his big bubbly personality. (Follow them on instagram @KobitheKleeKai)

FUN FACT: Due to the popularizing of Klee Kais around the world, there are many scam breeders trying to sell them online. For example, the fake breeders actually diluted the breed by cross-breeding a Shiba Inu and a Klee Kai, attempting to sell them off as pure breed Klee Kais.  

3. Pomeranian Puppy

5 most loved puppies Pomeranian  

It's like a fur ball exploded and got on everything.[/caption] That eyes, tongue, nose, ears and basically everything about the picture screams: ADORABLE. These dogs never seem to get any bigger, compensating for their size with their stubby little legs and rounded face.

FUN FACT: There is a mix breed called a "Pomsky" which is basically a mix breed of a Husky and a Pomeranian! It has since taken the world by storm due to its unique features and fully-grown miniature size. Convenient!

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy

5 most loved puppies cavalier


Those eyes. I just can't.[/caption] Come on. I'll trade my annoying black yippee for that cute little black fur ball. Sadly I do not have any friends around me who owns a King Charles Spaniel; if not I'd probably be at their house playing with it till the cows come home Look at those long and fluffy ears and those well-placed "eyebrows"? It's just a perfect specimen. Check out this cute mix breed of a Bishon and a King Charles Spaniel (also known as a Cavachon)! SO. CUTE


DID YOU KNOW: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel tends to chase things that run? Balls, rats, other dogs, what have you. So you better take it for some well-needed training sessions before letting it go off-leash!

5. Beagle Puppy

5 most loved puppies beagle
Beagles are undoubtedly one of the more popular breeds out there. I mean, that doleful faze and round little tummy? You're just dying to let him have whatever he pleases. Don't deny it!  Eternally friendly and incredibly loyal, beagles are a friend right till the end.

FUN FACT: Every child's favorite cartoon character, Snoopy, is actually a beagle? (Yes, I never knew that either). Still, I have yet to see any pure white beagles with black ears. Sheesh, where did Shultz (the creator) get his ideas from? 


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