5 Best Pet-Friendly Places to Visit in Klang Valley

5 Best Pet-Friendly Places to Visit in Klang Valley

We understand that as pet owners, spending time with your pets is important to you. Whether it’s watching a movie as they lay in your lap or taking them for walkies, every second means the absolute world to both parent and furkid. With more and more pet-friendly places coming up all across the country, you now have the choice to take your pet out on a different route for walks and share a sense of something fresh. Despite the trend of pet cafes and dog parks, we know that finding a place that will love your pet as much as you do, is not an easy task to be doing all by your lonesome - which is why we listed 5 pet-friendly places to visit in Klang Valley just for you!

  • Desa Park City

  • Good company (and we’re talking about hoomans here by the way), good food and fresh air. Name a better combination. We’ll wait. Until then, here’s a little more about Desa Park City. The people there are tolerant with animals so bringing  your pet along with you is perfectly fine. There is a lot of greenery around the park, keeping the air crisp and fresh. The heart of the park is a big man-made lake. Just lay out a picnic blanket, sit back, listen to the gentle noises of the rippling water and you will slowly but surely feel the racing thoughts in your mind slow down. Now, as for food, most of the restaurants in Desa Park City allows you to take your pet in with you instead of leaving them outside on a leash. So if you’re looking to have a peaceful day out with your pet, look no further.

  • The Waterfront
  • The Waterfront is Desa Park City’s own little retail and entertainment centre, making it easy for you to get your necessities without even leaving the premises. There are restaurants and cafes dotted around the lake so you and your little angel can dine and enjoy the tranquility of the environment. You can even feed your sweet tooth here and treat yourself to a Kripy Kreme doughnut or two, or three…or twenty. In case you need anything for your pet, be it food or a new toy, don’t fret! 

    Petsmore.com has  an outlet here to save your day. From food to pet care to health and beauty, The Waterfront has got your back. 

  • Central Park, Bandar Utama
  • Now, this is a good place to tire out your puppies. Located right across from Bandar Utama Shopping Complex, this park is a local favourite among doggies and their owners. The big space allows your little ones to run to their hearts’ content. The park is especially busy on Sundays, crowded with people and their furchildren. If you’re worried about your dog’s overly-playful nature, don’t sweat. There is a Canine Sportzclub Training Program held every Sunday at the park to help turn your cheeky pupper into a pupper that sits and plays dead on command.

  • Bark A-Bout
  • This is for the doggos that are actually seals at heart with their undying love of being in the water. Bark A-Bout offers multiple servives, one of which is basic swim classes in their doggie pool. Dogs that have already mastered the doggie paddle can go about splashing around and having the time of their lives. As for new swimmers, they will be guided to ensure their safety. This canine social house also offers grooming, boarding and day care services for your pets. They even have a doggie kitchen and treats to pamper your dogs. If your dog’s birthday is coming up, give Bark A-Bout to call and reserve a private are to have a little party with all your dog’s furry friends.

  • Yellow Brick Road Cafe

  • This cafe is actually the sister-cafe of The Red Bean Bag. The food and beverages offered are simply mouth-watering and the staff are very friendly to you as well as your furry friend. Enjoy a variety of cleverly named food like Drew Berry More (pancake on a base of mixed berries and topped with meringue) and pandan infused pancakes with gula Melaka sauce known as Peter Pandan. Beverages are just as punny and also cater very well to your sweet tooth. So what are you waiting for? Go for it!

    It’s nice to have a place to chill out with your pets and unwind. Here at Perromart, we’re happy that you get to have precious moments like these, but we also emphasise on being respectful and considerate. If you’re planning to have a picnic in a park with your pets, be sure to clean up after yourselves before leaving. Keep poop-bags with you on such occasions to pick up after your pet. Do not leave they’re dropping be. This will ruin everyone’s day out. Putting on a pet diaper on your pet is also a great idea, particularly for young pets that have yet to be potty-trained. Next, if you’re not walking with your pet or if you’re at a cafe, take off their leash but keep their collars on. This way, if your pet wanders off to far, you’ll be able to find them or they can easily be brought back to you by a fellow pet owner in the same space. Steer clear of people or other animals that your pet is clearly not comfortable around. The last thing anyone needs on their quiet day out is a cat or a dog fight. 

    If we have left out any of your personal favourites, let us know! And remember; be mindful of others around you to make your experience pleasant.

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