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Have you noticed some changes happened to your dog? He is getting so lazy and he does not feel joyful or his hair is annoyingly falling, this seems like a sign that your pooch is 

suffering from lack of protein and he needs more protein in his diet, don’t worry read until the end to get your dog friend his suitable nutrition.

There are some cases in which dogs need high-protein nutrition such as: 

  • Gestating and lactating dogs obviously need high-protein food: It's known that embryos and babies get their nutrition from mums, this is why gestating and lactating dogs do really need high-protein food.
  • Athletes dogs: When dogs are exercising their muscles quickly break down lots of protein quantities, that means they need a higher-protein dog diet to help them build muscle mass.
  • Senior dogs and puppies: they do also need high-protein food because they are in the stage of muscles’ weakness.

What is the healthiest diet for a dog? 

Most of us try to perfectly feed our dogs in order to fatten them and make them look like those cute fluffy buddies. But did we ever think about regulating a healthy and well-enriched diet for our dogs! We have to make sure that their food contains all the needed nutrients for their bodies especially the protein which can badly affect the dog’s body, muscles, hair, energy, blood, bones, digestive system and immune system, see? It’s important for every cell in the body. You have to realize the power of protein not only for us but also for our pooches. 

Now stay enlightened by reading your best guidance for your dog’s healthiest diet, highly recommended foods, useful homemade foods and other significant food nutrition facts. 

Let’s generally guide you to the healthiest diet and the recommended food for a dog:

There are plenty of doggie diets options and recipes but you would be confused about what to follow for your dog, here we picked some useful tips:

  1. Not all underweight dogs are suffering from a disease. However, you can drop for a visit to the vet just to check on your dog. It might be caused by his age or his usual food or anything else. To safely put weight on your skinny dog you will need to put your dog on a balanced diet and make sure to provide him with 4 meals daily that contain a great amount of protein and more calories and nutrient-packed ingredients, you will find those recommended food here.
  2. According to senior dogs daily 2-3 small meals will keep them healthy and satisfied. Don’t forget to regularly fill and change his water bowlKeep in regular contact with your vet and keep an eye on your dog’s weight to avoid causing him to be overweight. You will also need to feed your dog from these widely desired and needed choices, frozen food which maintains the full nutritional value for a longer period compared with other food processed.

Easy and modest homemade dog food:

No one knows your 4 pawed friend better than you, you know what he loves and what is best for him, so you can easily mix between his desires and his lacks* to produce the healthy and tasty combination for your dog, keep in mind the following suggestions:

Cooked meat:

Definitely we all cheer our dogs up by this meal. Simply boil the meat which might be lamb, beef, or chicken.  

You may think that meats are the best nutrition for your dog or the highest in protein, well, we can’t say no but it’s not the best. There are many other great ingredients that your dog would like to vary his corny food. 

Boiled egg:

You might be surprised to see eggs included here with doggie diets, but yes as eggs are a very important source of protein for us, it is the same for dogs who can render more protein from eggs than from meats, eggs are also included in lots of dogs’ food in the stores.

Cheesy bread: 

What about a mix of bread and cheese that would drive your dog who does not like bread to relish it. Cheese is a great nutrition for dogs, it contains protein and fats. All you have to do is combine any kind of cheese that he likes with the bread by the mixer with adding a few drops of water to make it wet. 

Cooked fresh veggies:

Many pet owners think that pets never eat vegetables and that is not necessary for their nutrition, but this is a null thought. Dogs’ diets also need to include veggies because they give dogs the same benefits that our bodies gain from. Vegetables provide protein, fats, carbohydrates and lipids, they also help alkalize dogs’ bodies. 

To do this healthy meal, pick whatever vegetables you have in your fridge and boil them with a piece of meat to make sure that your pups will eat, you can also mix those ingredients by the mixer and bon appétit for your friend. 

Those are our best choices to offer the best food to feed your dog. You can carefully add some salt to the above mentioned homemade foods because salt is an important component to your doggie diet to support muscles and nerves function. But it’s important to keep the vet updated about your dog diet to avoid unexpected bodies’ reactions.

Dog food nutrition facts:

Best diets for small dogs differ from the adults’ diets because puppies need more protein to build their muscles and facilitate their growth. 

We recommend Hill’s Science Puppy Small Bites which include Lamb meal and Dog Dry Food. It’s formulated for the developmental needs of puppies. 

Click here, you will also find the best nutrition options for your puppy. 

As dogs are getting older, their protein needs will increase in order to support their weak muscles and bodies, every stage in a dog's life has different nutritional needs. So we provide here double protein foods for your aging buddy. 

Wet food is more nutritious than dry food because it contains more meat protein with fewer carbohydrates. One of our recommended canned dog food is Schesir Tuna Dog Wet Food which is a selection of the best meat’s parts, it’s also 100% natural ingredients steam-cooked, you can also try Zignature Lamb Formula if you don’t prefer tuna for your dog boy. 

High-protein dog food can manage your dog’s weight, when you notice that your dog needs to slim down, you can choose high-protein and reduced-calorie foods for your overweight dog, check this out to find what your fatty fluffy dog needs. 

Follow our leading blog, check on your dog, know exactly what is going into his bowl and keep him healthy and energetic.

Just remember both cases the excess and the lack of the protein in doggie diets can develop a host of health problems so you need to accurately balance the nutrients of the ingredients you feed your dog. And to well-organize the diet in order to avoid stomach upsets. Keep in mind that when you choose food for your dog, choose food in relation to your dog’s age or formulated for all life stages. 

Hope you are excited now to start a healthy diet for your dog.

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