10 Things That Cats Like

10 Things That Cats Like

10 Things That Cats Like

Happier cat, healthier life! Wondering how to make your cat happy? When you understand a cat's basic needs, including the things that they love, you can raise a healthy pet and live a happier life. Cats are unique animals that love their independence and freedom as much as playing and sharing with their human companions. Although each cat is truly unique, there are few things that most cats love than anything. Here is the list of things you cat is obsessed with! 10-things-cats-like


Cats are fastidious groomers. They love to get their groom on with the help of those sandpaper-like tongues. And most cats love to be brushed by their humans - it must feel as relaxing as it feels to us to go to a spa for a shampoo and scalp massage!


Although your cat is a social butterfly, you will probably still find her in the oddest of places. Cats like somewhere to hide - this hiding behavior in cats is normal and natural. It's common for cats to get themselves into small spaces like drawers, under beds and in boxes, which make them feel safe, secure and warm.


Cat play is serious fun for cats. Keep in mind that playing isn’t just for kittens, most cats love to play well into adulthood. Different cats have different playing preferences. You can try a range of toys and games and see what your feline friend likes best.


Cat-napping is the thing that cats do best! It is well-known that cats sleep from 14 to 18 hours a day.

5.Fresh Water

Cats will always look for fresh and clean water to drink. They love cool running water, judging by the number of cats who drink out of the kitchen sink, given a chance.


Your cat’s munchies cravings! Grass isn’t just for horses or cows, you cat enjoys it too - cats eat grass simply because they like the taste of it! Click here to find out the reasons why your cat love to eat grass so much. Keep in mind that cats don’t always know the difference between good plants and toxic plants. As a cat owner, you should monitor the grass-eating behaviour of their cats. If your cat loves to chew on grass, make sure that all your household plants are of the non-toxic variety.

7.Bags And Boxes

Cats generally love to jump in and have some playtime in paper bags and cardboard boxes - these paper-made things can simply drive your cat crazy! It's no doubt that cats have an absolute love of jumping in and playing in paper bags and cardboard boxes. So, don't throw out your shopping bags - put it on the floor and watch how your cat spend her afternoon with a paper bag!


Catnip is a herb belonging to the mint family. It is a safe and nontoxic drug that appears to give cats a euphoric feeling that triggers an astounding response when encountered. And it is perfectly safe for your cat to enjoy this "legal high" - it makes her very happy just like a small child who really likes ice cream! Catnip is easy to grow either in a pot or in a garden bed. You can buy dried catnip from pet shops too.


Scratching is a normal cat behavior. Cats scratch when they feel happy, comfortable and anticipate something good! Plus, it helps them to stretch out their muscles and removes the outer layers of the claw. Cat owners are advised to provide their cats with an adequate scratching posts - if not, your cat may find alternative sources such as the bed and sofa.


The stereotype that cats are aloof loners has been around for years. But the truth is that cats enjoy human companionship too, especially if you are away from the home for hours at a time. So make sure you spend some quality time every day to have a chat and a stroke with your feline friend. She will love you more if you give her more attention and love - sometimes she care about you more than the food! If you work long hours, consider getting another cat for your feline friend. So they can keep each other company when you are away.
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