10 Pet Cremation Services in Malaysia

10 Pet Cremation Services in Malaysia

Letting go is never easy. When a pet is no longer around and the sounds of their meows or awoos are no more, we understand the crippling, sinking feeling it brings. The amount of love one has for their pet will want them to put their little angel to rest the right way. Most choose a home burial. Sadly, those living in condos or apartments don’t share this privilege, which is why getting a pet cremated is often the next best choice. In the midst of all the hurting, we understand how hard it is to find services to help you do that. We made a list of 10 pet cremation services in Malaysia so you don’t have to.

  • Pets In Peace Malaysia, Semenyih Selangor
  • Pets In Peace Malaysia aims to provide premier affordable pet bereavement services for grieving pet-parents. The service ensures to do so in a dignified manner. Apart from pet cremation, Pets In Peace Malaysia also offers complete funeral services, seaburials and Buddhist chanting programs as they lay down your beloved pet. Charges differ according to requested service package.

    Contact: 016-212 8405

    Email: wonghawen@gmail.com

    Facebook: Pets in Peace Malaysia

  • Pets Memorial Services Malaysia, Puchong, Selangor
  • Pets Memorial Services Malaysia cremates pets respectfully and privately. Meaning, your pet will be cremated individually and their remains will be brought back to you with the understanding of how much it means to you. However mass cremation is also offered without remains being returned. The service also offers to scatter pet ashes for those who have purchased from them. A cremation certificate will be provided to prove service purchase. Pets Memorial Service also offers a collection of their own brass urns, keychains or pendants that you can buy as tokens of remembrance. Please call before visiting their office.

    Contact: 03-5892 6227 (office) 

    017-333 3448 (Emergency)

    Facebook: Pet Memorial Services

    Address: 56, Jalan Utama 2/22, Taman Perindustrian Puchong Utama, 47150 Puchong, Selangor.

  • IPOH Pet Funeral Service, Ipoh, Perak
  • Ipoh Pet Funeral Service offers pet bereavement services, including clean up, cremation, door-to-door service, make up, collecting ashes urn or cinerary box etc. Pet lovers can choose an urn according to their liking.

    Contact: 016-515 3305

    Email: petfuneralmalaysia@gmail.com 

    Facebook: IPOH PET Funeral Service

    Address: 346, Lorong 5, Kg Simee, 31400, Ipoh.

  • Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial, Tanjung Rambutan, Perak
  • Rainbow Bridge is a government-approved, licensed and internationally recognised pet cemetery here in Malaysia, providing slots for bereaved pet owners to lay down their late pets. They also offer to pre-plan services free of charge. Pet owners can also store cremated pet ashes in the columbarium, which they are allowed to personalise with names, dates and pictures. A ceramic photo frame will be added with no charges whatsoever. 

    Contact: 1800 88 1826 or 05-253 3288

    Facebook: Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial

  • Ipoh CJ Pet Memorial Park
  • The services are very professional and respectful as they give you the privacy to have your pet cremated individually. They also provide columbarium that can be decorated to match the likings of the late pet and also the owner with pictures, favourite toys and so on. 

    Contact: 010-380 8333

  • Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden
  • Let your pet rest in peace in the sublime and serene environment of Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden. Pets are individually cremated and owners are given the chance to watch their pets’ dignified and respectful cremation. They also offer burial plots from RM8800.

    Contact: 012-401 1217

    Website: nvnirvana.com.my 

  • My Pet Memorial, Johor Bahru
  • The service is located at Johor Bahru and targets to provide professional pet cremation on-site. Memorial products and tokens like paw-shaped stones made of  pets’ ashes are also offered to give mourning pet owners something to keep the memory of their beloved pets near and dear.

    Contact: 016-900 0734

    Address: 41, Jalan Makmur 9, Taman Damai Jaya, Johor Bahru.

  • Heavenly Gate Memorial, Bentong, Pahang
  •   Heavenly Gate serves with the motto “We serve with the heart” and offers multiple packages to help you lay your pet to rest. A basic package of RM480 comprises of a funeral parlour, pre-cremation grooming and disinfection and individual cremation service, among other things. They also offer communal cremation at RM180 on a weekly basis.

    Contact: 012-321 2938 

    Website: hgmemorial.com 

    Address: 76, Jalan Ah Peng, 28700 Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia.

  • My Pet Funeral- Penang Pet Cremation
  • My Pet Funeral & Pet Cremation offers a coffin package with a private cremation, ritual item, coffin (two sizes available) and returning of remains in a basic urn. For pets above the size of 30kg, RM700 will be charged. Marble urns, Buddhist chanting and scattering ashes in the sea are some of the other services provided by My Pet Funeral & Pet Cremation.

    Contact: 012-425 2217

    Email: info@mypetfuneral.com.my

    Website: http://www.mypetfuneral.com.my 

    Facebook: My Pet Funeral-Penang Pet Cremation

    Address: Jalan Mount Erskine, 10470 George Town, Malaysia.

  • Pawfessional Pet Services Penang- Always in Memory Pet Crematory
  • Carcass will be picked up from owner’s home or from the vet. The carcass will be cleaned and sterilised before being sent to a crematorium. Pet owners can opt to witness the cremation process of their dear pets. If you choose to have a private cremation, your pet’s ashes will be brought back to you in an urn for you to keep or to store at a pet columbarium near you.

    Contact: 013-773 2287

    Website: pawfessionalpetservicespg.com 

    Life is unpredictable, so we urge you to snuggle your pets close, kiss them on their perfect little heads and tell them you love them.

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