10 Best Places to Adopt A Pet In Malaysia

10 Best Places to Adopt A Pet In Malaysia

Finally got the OK from mom and dad to get your own furry friend but don’t know where to start? We’re more than happy to help you out with this list of 10 adoption centres to choose from, including online platforms! We’ve carefully picked out the finest just for you to be able to find your true fluffy, feathery or even scaly love.

  • My Forever Doggo

This one’s for you, dog lovers! My Forever Doggo is an online platform . My Forever Doggo dedicates themselves to increasing adoption rates in Klang Valley. How to adopt? Visit their website, www.myforeverdoggo.com/ or their Instagram page, @myforeverdoggo and scroll through their pictures. When you find a dog you like, message them the name or a screenshot of your favourite doggy and they’ll give the necessary details like which shelter said dog is located in so that you can arrange for a meet-up to connect with your potential furbaby. The service takes pictures of dogs professionally in mini photoshoots to post online in hopes of increasing their chances of getting adopted

  • SPCA

The SPCA has multiple branches across the country, including but not limited to, Penang Island and Selangor. Adult animals in their care are already vaccinated and neutered before being put up for adoption. However, puppies and kittens below the age of 6 months will are not. Therefore, if adopting one around that age, you wiiljll be informed when to bring them back for vaccinations and mandatory neutering procedures. To adopt a cat, the adoption fee is from RM240, including de-worming, vaccination, neutering and spaying charges. A dog however is RM350 to adopt including charges of said procedures. To adopt, head over to the centre and you will be interviewed about your experience, lifestyle, family, where you live etc by the SPCA staff. According to your answers, Animal Welfare officers will help you pick out a pet. Once you have filled out the adoption papers at the front desk,  make a donation and then you can head on home with your new friend. Note that if you adopt a dog or a puppy, an SPCA Animal Inspector will be swinging by in the few weeks to see how your new family addition settles in to its new surroundings. Don’t forget to send sweet and happy pictures of you and your pet to the SPCA to put on their site, Facebook page and online newsletters. The SPCA does not reserve animals via email or phone call.

  • Second Chance Animal Society (SCAS)

The SCAS is a no-kill animal shelter that aims to educate and emphasise on the “Adopt. Don’t shop.” concept. They are set up in Hulu Langat, Selangor. To adopt a dog from the SCAS, fill out an adoption form, which can be obtained from their website secondchance.com.my and then pay a neutering fee of RM200. Please note that the RM200 fee is solely for neutering procedures. Any other tests or operations whatsoever is not included

  • PAWS Animal Welfare Society 

PAWS is an animal shelter with a pretty simple adoption procedure. First, go to the PAWS centre during operating hours (9.00a.m. to 4:00p.m.) and take a look at the animals up for adoption. Once you’ve found one you’re connected to, you will be briefly interviewed by PAWS stuff to ensure you are fit to own a pet. You will also be required to make a donation ranging from RM60 to a minimum of RM280, depending on what animal you intend on bringing home. Bear in mind that donations can only be made in cash and will be issued  a receipt. PAWS does not accept credit payment and urges adopters and surrenders to insist on a receipt for any  amount of money, big or small, that is handed over to their staff. PAWS is closed on Wednesdays and public holidays for maintenance. You can contact PAWS  via email @pawshelter@gmail.com or on Instagram: @pawspj. You could also pay their website a visit for further details paws.org.my/

  • Lost Animal Souls Shelter (LASS)

LASS is a non-profit, no-kill organisation housing more than 250 dogs that were abandoned. If you think that your future furry family could be waiting for you in this shelter, give them a call at 016-311 9637 or visit their Facebook page Lost Animals Souls Shelter. The shelter’s operating hours are from 10:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.. Kindly give them a call before swinging by so your visit does not clash with the dogs’ chow time! The shelter tputs in effort to create extra avenue by growing their own organic vegetable garden to be sold and this money goes to the well-being of their dogs. At LASS, no dog is turned away for any reason, be it old age or health conditions. 

  • Furry Friends Farm

Visiting the farm is by appointment basis only so contact them at 016-379 9478 to make one now. The farm in Kundang houses about 300 abused and abandoned animals including dogs, cats and even a goat. The animals have a safe home in the farm and adopting them can ease the financial burdens of the farm. You can also opt to foster some of the animals as well. The farm is open for tours every first Sunday of the month so if you could easily connect to a four-legged sweetheart during the tour even if you didn’t expect to. 

  • KL Pooch Resort and Rescue.

Just hearing the name fills one with warm, fuzzy love, doesn’t it?  This adoption agency also provides recreational facilities for dogs and rehoming and boarding services. Adoption fees are set at RM350 but for special needs and old (above the age of 7 yeaes) fee is exempt. The fee of course, includes vaccination, spaying and neutering charges for the dogs and you get to enjoy lifetime benefits like home-made raw dog food for 30% less and 10% off grooming sessioms PLUS unlimited use of the recreational facilities for your dogs! Interested? Contact them now at 016-233 3647 now to meet your little angel.

  • Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR) Shelter

MIAR is a no-kill volunteer shelter in Selangor dedicated to rescuing dogs left homeless, including dogs in public pounds at risk of being euthanised, abandoned pets and dogs at risk of abuse or neglect. MIAR works to build networks of supporters and volunteers by working with other human organisation and shelters around them. To adopt from MIAR, visit their website miarfoundation.org to take a look at the animals they have ready for adoption, including specials needs dogs. You can also contact them at 012-399 2021 for more details. Currently, MIAR has got a list of at least 17 sweet dogs of all ages,  breeds, shapes and colours  for adoption. 

  • Katzen Cat Sanctuary

Can I get a meow?? The sanctuary was founded 9 years ago by two feline-loving sisters. The two have been dedicated to rescuing cats in need ever since and now have about 80+ cats in their care. To care for their cats, they also have a store called Katzen Pet Shop that offers pet food and even grooming services. Their cats vary by age, breed and colour and they make sure to capture their kitties’ cutest and funniest moments on camera to be posted on their Facebook page to attract adopters and get their little boys and girls into a good, loving home. Don’t take my word for it. Check them out yourselves at Katzen Cat Sanctuary on Facebook. Call them for an exact location at 017-878 3040 and swing by to get in touch and fall in love with a whiskered being.

  • Allergic Rescuers KL

Allergic Rescuers KL are a group of friends relying on their own time, energy and finances to care for the cats they rescue. Their operation runs smoothly with the help of a team of foster homes and donors who generously donate funds and supplies. The cats in their care are defleaed, dewormed, vaccinated, sterilized, and fully medically vetted to address any health issues prior to adoption. Since their establishment in 2018, they have managed to get nearly 400 cats off the streets and over 300 of them have been taken into permanent homes, following a robust application procedure. Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages at Allergic Rescuers KL and @allergicrescuerskl. .

Keep in mind that this list is by no means a dumping grounds for you to abandon your pet. However, if you are no longer capable of caring for your pet, surrender them according to procedure at one of the centres above.

If you’re looking to adopt. We wish you joy and love as you take in a dear pet. We also ask that you prepare yourself in all possible ways. Having a pet can fill one’s life with unexplainable positivity and bliss but it is no walk in the park. To get you startred, jwre are some things you will need when adopting:


  1. A leash or a harness. Pets like dogs and puppies like to be out and about and are usually quite active. Pit them on a leash or a harness and take them on a walk to keep them near you at all times.
  2. Food! The most basic necessity there is when it comes to taking in any pet. Be sure the food you get suits the species or breed you adopt as each food type differs based on size of the animal and so on.
  3. Food bowl. Surely, it is not advisable to have your .pet eat off the floor. Get a bowl that is the right size for the portion of food your pet will be fed each meal time. This avoids overfeeding or food wastage.
  4. Treats. Stock up on some treats for your pets to show them when their being a good boy or good girl. Feel free to experiment a litle to see which treat is your pet’s favourite.
  5. Potty pad. Get a potty pad for your pet so it is easier to potty train them. This also avoids them leaving droppings at those hard-to-clean spots in your home.
  6. Shampoo. Consult a vet for a good shampoo that best suits your pet’s fur. This can make a big difference as the wrong shampoo could irritate your pet’s skin or cause excessive shedding.

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