10 Best Pet Sitters in Klang Valley

10 Best Pet Sitters in Klang Valley

As much as pet lovers would all love to, you sadly cannot take your pets everywhere you go. More often than not, you have to pull out of last-minute plans because to ring up a friend or relative to watch you pet on such short notice would not be welcomed. Solution? Get in touch with a pet sitter or boarder. Pet sitters and boarders often come as a saving grace to pet owners going on a business trip or just a simple family dinner. While pet boarding means to send your pet to someone’s facility or property to be looked after (think hotel, only the guests are all pets), pet sitting is having someone come over to your place for a few hours or so while you are out of the house, just like a baby-sitter for human children would do. Hiring a sitter can give you an indescribable peace of mind as you know your furbaby is in good hands.

  • Juan Petsitter @ Petaling Jaya

Juan Petsitter’s services is priced at RM50 per visit and travels a maximum of 20km to a client’s home for pet sitting. Juan has a lot of experience in caring for cats in particular and even rescues and feeds stray cats in her area. Upon request, she also grooms pets. She cares for pets maximum of 10kg in size.

Contact: Juan Petsitter on petbacker.com


  • Klang Valley Grace Pet Nanny

With a rating of 5 stars, Grace certainly delivers when it comes to looking after pets. She has had experience in caring for dogs, hamsters, sugar gliders and even geckos which is why she is very accommodating towards most pets, including pets up to 40kg in size. Grace also takes last-minute bookings and assures that pets will never be left unattended. Pets are given 2 walks and 3-4 potty breaks a day. Emergency transport is provided if necessary

Contact: Klang Valley Grace Pet Nanny on petbacker.com


  • Klang BP @ Klang

A sincere pet lover with their very own 14-year-old dog and a basic understanding of caring and handling a pet. BP is willing to travel 20km to 50km to visit your home and care for your little angel with a price of RM100 per visit. Pets between 1kg to 20kg is gladly accepted by BP and this includes dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds. Pets will not be left unsupervised for any more than an hour and emergency transport will be provided if required. BP also takes last-minute bookings.

Contact: Klang BP on petbacker.com


  • Nicky Pets Sitting @ Klang

This service is by Komathi, a pet lover with experience of rescuing, boarding and even fostering pets. So far, she has had experience caring for hamsters, a dog, a turtle and even an otter. Komathi refuses to turn away unhealthy furbabies, instead she welcomes them with open arms and cares for them. She is skilled in behavioural modifications and administrating medications. She also has basic grooming skills. She takes in pets of all shapes, colours, breeds, species and sizes (over 40kg) and will travel 5km-20km to pet sit your furkid with an affordable price of RM10 per visit. Clients rated her at 5 stars and one has even repeated their service purchase from her.

Contact: Nicky Pets Sitting on petbacker.com


  • Prish Pet-Sitting Services @ Klang

Prish is experienced in training and teaching tricks and a basic understanding of how to care and handle pets. Prish has a way with every pet that they come across and this builds a strong, trusting relationship between sitter and pet. Prish travels up to 20km to pet sit for clients, charging only RM30 for the services. Clients love Prish’s loving nature towards pets and find that Prish is very trustworthy, rating them at 5 stars. Prish takes pets for over 3 walks a day with about 5 or more potty breaks, with the assurance that pets will never be left unattended. Although Prish provides emergency transport, they do not take last minute bookings.

Contact: Prish Pet-Sitting Services @ Klang on petbacker.com


  • Feli Dog Sitting @ Petaling Jaya

Felicia is a certified pet groomer  with experience in training and behavioural modifications and is also experienced in the veterinary field. She is able to use cognitive psychology to train even aggressive dogs. She accepts dogs, cats, reptiles and other animals weighing between 1kg to 40+kg. Pets will be take on 3 or more walks a day and Felicia is also always at the ready to make emergency vet trips. Her hospitality and good service earned her good reviews plus a 5-star rating from customers. Felicia charges RM38 per visit.

Contact: Feli Dog Sitting on petbacker.com


  • PawgwartsKL-Pet Sitting @ KL

With a name like that, it’s no wonder it’s rated 5 stars! PawgwartsKL is a pet-sitting service by Priyanka who has experience pet-sitting in Australia as well as a professional career in wildlife and conservation for about 6 years and is able to recognise subtle signs of a problem. Priyanka adapts to the different personalities of pets to be able to accommodate to their every need. Furthest distance Priyanka is willing to travel is 5km accepting rabbits, dogs, cats and guinea pigs at a maximum of 20kg in size. Priced at RM25 per visit. Last-minute bookings and emergency transport will be given.

Contact: PawgwartsKL-Pet Sitting on petbacker.com


  • Lee Ai Fern @ Kota Damansara

Fern takes good care of your pets while you are away. Be it playing with them or bathing them,  Fern will get the job done right. Her services will cost you RM35 per visit. She is particularly fond of small breed doggos and her clients have rated her patient and loving attitude towards their pets at 5 stars.

Contact: Lee Ai Fern on petbacker.com


  • Wendy SS2 Pet Sitting Service @ Petaling Jaya

Wendy’s 5-star pet sitting services at RM25 per visit has brought 20 clients back to her for repeated bookings, including last-minute bookings. Wendy has cared for 6 dogs and once and 25 cats at once, among other pets. She makes sure to love and care for the furballs she pet sits as she would for her own, going as far as 50km just to look after your pet. Wendy accepts a variety of pets including ferrets and reptiles. Accepted pet sizes range from 1kg to above 40kg. Pets are taken on a walk and given 3-4 potty breaks a day. In case needed, last-minute bookings are accepted and emergency transport will also be provided. Clients are happy with how happy, healthy and clean their furbabies are in the loving hands of Wendy.

Contact: Wendy SS2 Pet Sitting Service on petbacker.com


  • Home Sweet Home @ Bukit Bintang

Doreen is a a certified pet groomer with some veterinary experience who started this service because of her love for pets, especially cats and dogs. She is also experienced in pet training and behavioural modifications. Clients are very happy with her service and rate her at 5 stars. At times, Doreen even swings by first-time clients’ houses to get to know their pets a day prior to the booking. She charges RM15 per day.

Contact: Home Sweet Home on petbacker.com

It is never easy to be away from your pets, but we hope that this list will help you connect with a good sitter, so you don’t have to miss out on yet another night out with your friends. Your pets will surely miss you as much as you miss them, but they will be in good hands until they see you again.

Pro-tip: Giving your pet a piece of your clothing could help calm their separation anxiety as your scent will make them feel close to you.

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