10 Best Dog Trainers in Malaysia

10 Best Dog Trainers in Malaysia

Having a pet to love and care for brings a sort of joy that just cannot be put into words. Having your little hamster scamper around your shoulders or your cat purring against your foot as you watch TV, just warms the heart, doesn’t it? Looking forward to all that warmth and bliss can easily make a wannabe pet owner or first-time pet owner forget that having a pet is no walk in the park. Before you know it, they’d be gnawing at your cables, ripping up cushions or worst of all: become too aggressive to be around. This is why pet training is essential when it comes to having a pet. Usually, it is advised to train pets from a young age as they would take to it better, but that does not mean that those of you with much older pets are rendered hopeless. Here are 10 of the best pet trainers we could find.

  • Woof Gang Training and Services

At Woof Gang Training and Services, your dog will first be counselled before the training begins. During counselling, it is highly recommended that the whole family be present to be able to assess the problem better. Types of training differ according to the problem and age of the dog. Puppies will most likely undergo “playful training”. A boarding school will also be available for the duration of 2-4 weeks during which your dog will stay with a trainer until training is complete. These boarding service can be used again but it is only open to the dogs that have completed training from Woof Gang’s training school. Prices depend on the type and intensity of the problem. Woof Gang’s re-bark-able services are rated at 5 stars on Google with happy clients blown away at how well-trained their dogs have become. To ensure that the training is maintained, owners are called into the training school for handling lessons.

Operating Hours: 10a.m.-12p.m., 2p.m.-6p.m. (Monday-Friday), 10a.m.-12p.m. (Satrurday), closed on Sunday

Contact: 017-242 9523

Email: lazarus.amelia@gmail.com

Facebook: Woof Gang training and services

Instagram: @hellowoofgang

Address: 23, Jalan Changkat Ukay, Villa Sri Ukay Height, Ampang, Ulu Kelang Selangor

  • Puppycom Dog Training School

Puppycom provides a variety of dog training courses, including obedience training, potty training, one-to-one training and agility training. Price range varies from course and age of the dog. Puppycom also sells items that can be a great help to you training your dog and maintaining the training. Get dog treats, leashes, collars, dog toilet and even play pens all in one convenient place!

Operating Hours: 10a.m.-5p.m. weekdays, closed on weekends

Contact: 018-237 4289

Email: info@puppycom.my

Website: puppycom.my

Address: No. 11-1, Jalan PUJ 3/12, Taman Puncak Jalil, Bandar Putra Permai, 43300 Seri Kembangan Selangor.

  • Stephen Guard Dogs

Stephen Guard Dogs trains dogs like German shepherds, Rottweilers, pit bulls, Dobermans and more into refusing food from strangers, obedience and family protection. Dogs are also trained to protect business premises and become personal body guards. The services also cover dog behaviour correction for problematic and temperamental dogs. Stephen Guard Dog is rated 4.7 stars for their training services. Customers who have purchased guard dogs from here are happy with their purchase as their homes are protected and the dogs get along wonderfully with children, even those below the age of 5.

Operating Hours: 9a.m.-7p.m., closed on Monday

Contact: 012-286 8026

Facebook: Stephen Guard Dogs

Website: stephenguarddog.com

  • Saharikenn K9 Centre

This 4.7-star centre is well equipped with the facilities and speacialists to train dogs. Training programmes include obedience training and protection and guard dog training. Dogs are given civil agitations and defence work for real-life situations. The centre remarks that these dogs will bite in a real situation. Price range is according to your location and your dog’s potential. All lessons are by appointment only. As for obedience training, the package includes daily training, food and boarding, consultation, follow up at end of programme and a follow up lesson upon completion. Boarding services are provided and charged per day, with a RM5 additional charge during peak holiday seasons.

Operating Hours: 10a.m.-6:30p.m. (weekdays), 10a.m.-6p.m. (Saturday), 10a.m.-4p.m. (Sunday)

Contact: 019-883 6592

Email: saharikenn9@gmail.com

Facebook: Saharikenn K9 Centre

Website: www.saharikenn9.com

  • Knine Professional Dog Services

Founded by Professor Dave Teoh, Knine Professional Dog Services is the leading dog services centre here in Malaysia, which explains the 5-star rating. Their staff are at a 24-hour stand, especially their veterinary staff. The centre offers aggression rehabilitation by getting to the root of the dog in question’s aggression. As for obedience training, the centre uses a dog psychology method to train dogs. Other types of training that are offered by Knine Professional Dog Services are house call dog training and guard dog training. Security dog services, boarding services and relocation services are also available.

Contact: 010-225 5319

Facebook: Knine Professional Dog Services

Website: k9professionaldogservices.com

Address: Jalan BU 1/13, Bandar Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


  • Puppy Training School

Puppy Training School offers puppy training (aged 3-5 months) and training for teen dogs, which are about 5 months of age. For puppies, training includes socialisation, toilet training, engagement and walking on a loose leash. Teens’ training is more on behaviour modification, controlled walking, advanced manners and solving problems like chewing. For dogs that love jumping about and playing around, this centre offers an introduction to agility course as well. For those who would like to go further into the training programme, there is an intermediate obedience course as well where dogs are trained to heel, sit or stay from a distance and so on. Feel free to go back and socialise as graduates!

Operating Hours: Varies according to course

Facebook: MY Puppy Training

Instagram: @puppytraining.my

Website: www.puppytraining.my

Address: The Woofery, 12A, Jalan Teknologi 3/5, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

  • G-Pet Training Centre

G-Pet’s obedience training consists of functional leash obedience commands given verbally or by hand signals. Dogs will be trained to respond on the first command even if surrounded by distractions. Dogs above the age of 6 months is eligible.

Contact: 012-231 3183 / 018-671 2272

Email: info@g-pet.com

Website: g-pet.com

Address: G-Pet Hotel, Lot 298, Jalan Kota Raja A/27A, Taman Alam Megah Seksyen 27, 40400 Shah Alam, Malaysia.

  • E-K9 Dog Training Academy

E-K9, rated at 5 stars on Google, has a puppy training programme that you can join, with assurance you will have fun with your four-legged sweetheart. Pet obedience training starts for dogs from the age of 3 months onwards. This particular training programme can be done individually or in groups of at least 3 dogs. Dog behaviour and manner training is offered to help you work on your dogs problematic behaviours such as shoe-biting and digging. Other services include dog-walking, agility training, personal protection training and day care training.

Operating Hours: 8a.m.-10:30p.m. (Monday-Saturday), 8a.m.-10p.m. (Sunday)

Contact: 016-331 8168

Address: Jalan PUJ 4/13, Taman Puncak Jalil, Pusat Bandar Putra Permai, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

  • Bethel Dog Trainers

Training programmes include behaviour consultation where the behaviours of both dog and owner is analysed. Canine behaviour training is where dogs’ positive drives are identified. At this point, positive behaviours are introduced and reinforced. During obedience training, owners are encouraged to be as involved as they can in the training process so the trainer can aid the owners in handling the dogs and flaws that lead to dogs’ relapse can be picked out.

Contact: 016-737 3493

Facebook: Bethel Dog Trainers

Website: betheldogtrainers.weebly.com

Address: 18, Jalan Sutera Merah, Taman Sutera, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor.

  • Malinois K9 Training Centre @ Absolute Kennel

A Facebook user that had their dog trained by John, this centre’s trainer, rated the centre at 5 stars and praised the trainers high level of skills and the cleanliness of the compound. Training services that are available include obedience training. Breeds that are eligible are for training is not limited to malinois dogs. Pitbulls and shepherds have also been trained by John.

Operating Hours: 9a.m.-5p.m. daily

Contact: 012-301 8733

Facebook: Absolute Kennel/ Malinois K9 Training Centre

Address: 311, Lorong Ayer Panas 3, Setapak, 53200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Most of this places offer boarding services as well. However, please bear in mind that they are not kennels.

Ensure to follow up with trainers according to their given schedule upon training completion. That way, you can maintain your dog’s good behaviour and never have to deal with a chewed-up shoe again! It may get frustrating sometimes, especially for new owners, but remember that your dogs also have feelings. So instead of emphasising on your dogs’ mistakes with no-walkies or no-treats punishments, give them soft treats when they respond correctly to a command without delay. Some soft treats like DoggyMan Dog Treat Snack Soft Sasami stick will work great, especially for puppies and older dogs. Happy training!

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